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January 01, 1970


Boulger Funeral Home


A. Transfer of remains to funeral home. Additional mileage charge (one way) of $1.75/mile outside of 25 mile radius.

B. Preparation and care of body for identification.

C. Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff including:

  1. 24 Hour availability of Staff
  2. Securing and recording of vital statistics.
  3. Permits
  4. Arrangements with family
  5. Use of facilities and/or equipment at church/funeral home for Memorial Service
  6. Arrangements with crematory
  7. Transfer of remains to crematory
  8. Staff services for directing Memorial Service
  9. Includes 1 Life Celebration Memorial Candle
  10. Use of Celebration of Life Center for Luncheon – N/C
  11. Saturday – $195.00 / Sunday Charge if applicalbe – $295.00


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