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Kenton Cargile

February 16, 1964 - November 01, 2015

Prayer Service - Wednesday

November 04, 2015
- 7:00 PM

Scheels Center for Performing Arts at Oak Grove High School (North Campus)

Visitation - Wednesday

November 04, 2015
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Scheels Center for Performing Arts at Oak Grove High School (North Campus)

Funeral Service - Thursday

November 05, 2015
- 2:00 PM

Hope Lutheran Church, North Campus


Boulger Funeral Home

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Kenton Cargile

February 16, 1964 - November 01, 2015


Kenton’s Reflections

(Taken from his posts from the past two years)

I had to ask myself how do I deal personally with the fact I am dying? My answer was to rely on my faith and the belief that all things are in God’s hands! I have said before and will continue to say, do not feel sorrow for me, but instead rejoice in your beliefs and faith. This has never been a battle for me, but instead a journey. I have decided I do not want to battle cancer, but instead take a journey of faith and strength!

I know my heart is full of love and my faith is strong. I don’t know when it happened, but God opened the eyes in my soul to allow me to see Him. Since that day I have experienced a happiness that cannot be measured. There is a light which is shining brightly in my life. I have a calmness and peace inside me that I cannot explain, but it gives me comfort.

I choose to live and cherish every moment in life going forward. I have learned during this journey that I had not really lived my life.  I was a prisoner of my own insecurities and the judgement of others. I realized during those moments of possible death that God had carried me through those times.  Today I live my life as if it is my last breath. I know my life is going to be shortened possibly because of cancer, but it will not take away my will to live!

The real decision you must make is to choose to live! The choice to live and how you choose to live is where the real blessings will be shown to you! I have realized during this trying time in my life I am the happiest I have ever been. I am at peace with who I am as a person and my spiritual strength has never been stronger. My mind is strong and my spirit and faith are unwavering.

The memories you have reminded me of have been wonderful and reminded me what life is all about: friendships, love, family and God. My God has been better to me than I have ever been to myself. I find myself in a unique and blessed position. If my life is taken I am ok. I have been assured because of my belief God will comfort me in my time of need and He will carry me when I cannot carry myself. I am blessed because I can tell you I have no fear. I have an opportunity today to say thank you for your love and support.  I tell you this with a happy heart and soul, I have never been happier in my life! I wake up mornings with a smile on my face.

I understand some of you will ask for or look for a miracle. We have had a continued miracle together in the months and years we have shared since this journey began.  Today we will begin our celebration of life.  Not just mine, but your family, your friends and most importantly yours! Today find one thing to let go of that has bothered you for years and isn’t worth holding onto!  Find the joy in your life and pass it onto others.  Smile, embrace and love!  Those 3 things are free, but we put such a hefty price on them because we have not found the peace or security in ourselves to give them without worrying about the response.  I LOVE YOU, I WILL EMBRACE YOU AND YOU KNOW I WILL SMILE AT YOU! I’m very happy! I ask you not to run through life so fast that you forget how to love and care for others.  Your strength and caring has been my strength.

I want you to know I’m not looking for a miracle because my miracle happened on August 5th, 2013 when I was diagnosed. My miracle continues to shine in and through me. The reason I say my miracle started August 5th is because I had to really challenge myself about my faith. Do I believe or do I not believe? I chose to believe.

Death and illness do not have to be a tragedy. The tragedy is when you don’t live the life you are given. Accept the blessings of the day and pay them forward. I have learned to find the joy in my life and forget about those things that do not enhance me. I want to love, smile, laugh and have spiritual balance. I want to reach out to the stranger I meet who may be down on their luck and say, “I got you – you let me know what you need”. Laugh with me today, smile with me today and love those dear to you today. I want you to know that every time I smile at you, I give you a piece of me.  I share with you my heart, my soul and my spirit!

Every day I awake I know I still have a mission and that is how I will live. I thought I would yearn for things I may believe I would miss, but instead I can’t wait to capture every moment of the day when I wake. I set out on this journey to give people a different face of cancer, and I believe I have done that! I set my mind to be an example of strength during adversity. I’m not courageous, I’m just a fighter. I battle this thing with love, passion, strength, courage and the heart of a champion.

I will not give up. If cancer takes my life sooner than later, I’m at peace and my soul is not searching for happiness because I’m already there. I have never been happier! I wake up with a smile on my face. I have come to realize for me that maybe all God truly wants me to see in this life is happiness. I could have easily said, “There is no light in the darkness I am facing”! That is not true! There is not one without the other. There is a light which is shining brightly in my life. I have received an outpouring of love from each of you that has lifted my spirit beyond heights I could ever imagine. I have a calmness and peace inside of me that I cannot explain, but it gives me comfort. I have been able to recognize a life I was unable to see before because of my selfish desires. I am now able to appreciate the blessings of the past I was unable to see because I thought I may have been deserving of something that really wasn’t important! I can’t tell you how much spiritual growth I have gained through this process. I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown. I ask that you not run through life so fast that you forget how to love and care for others. I have never been more at peace than I am now. It’s an amazing thing to have peace in your life.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know today brought me love, kindness, you as a member of my family and God’s continued healing hand being present. I have been given a unique opportunity to better myself as a person while I go through this.  I will seize this opportunity. I have also been given the chance to share my story. Through doing so I have become less worried about what people think about me, but more concerned with just being the best me! I will continue to rage away from the Darkness and walk gently toward the Light!

I can’t tell you how much spiritual growth I have gained through this process. I can’t tell you how much I have grown. It’s the craziest thing to think about mortality and how to move on with your life in the shadow of medical death.  I know my heart is full of love and my faith is strong.

My friends and family once again I ask you to not be sad.  I ask you to rejoice in our friendship and love we have for one another! I ask you to do your part in your relationships with others and love them deeply. I ask that you be strong for each other during this time. Keep smiling-it makes the world a better place even if only for a moment!! If you hear I have passed on, have a party in celebration of life! Remember I didn’t give up, but we all need to rest at some point. If you awake and I am no longer here I have taken Christ’s invitation to come home. Celebrate! Celebrate life! Find your peace. Find your happiness and pass it on to others.

The great Maya Angelou wrote in her last days, “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God”. I have heard His voice and within His voice is the love of my being a child of His.

I want you to know that God hears your prayers! I’m over two years into this thing and God is giving me a way to say goodbye on my own terms. We have won my friends and we don’t know it yet! I want to thank you my friends, family and loved ones for your love, prayers and support. And a special thanks to my hero and son, McKenzie Cargile, and my angels Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Joyce Cargile and Kate Johnson. Love you. Smiles. God bless.

Love, peace and God’s blessings to Demetrius, TahNeesha and Tony.

In lieu of flowers, Kenton’s family is requesting donations for a memorial scholarship in Kenton’s name.  Donations can be made at the following: http://www.nwhsaa.org/

Here is link to a news story on Kenton:


Here is a link to Kenton’s Hall of Fame Induction:



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24 responses to “Kenton Cargile”

  1. Art Haugen says:

    Kenton . Your gonna be missed on the field and court. You were a great friend.

  2. Melody Kohler says:


    We will miss your smile and joy for life. Thank you for all of the happy times over the years. You were truly a great friend. You are now and will continue to be our positive inspiration in our life journey. We promise to try to smile and be a blessing to others and to celebrate life. Heaven received a very special person yesterday. You are a very special guardian angel, Kenton. Rest in peace our very dear friend. God bless your family. We love you.

    Love, Marcus, Melody and Family

  3. Shandra Washington-Rachel (Ray) says:

    There are not enough words for me to express the way I feel about you! You will live on in my heart, mind, and soul until we see each other in glory on day!!! Keep smiling…cause I know you are!!!

  4. John & Becky Mueller says:

    Rest in peace Kenton. We will miss your beautiful smile and spirit!

  5. Barb Vanover says:

    Heaven got a true angel yesterday when you went home! You touched my life so profoundly in the last 6 months and I feel truly blessed that God brought our paths together. You are an amazing man and a great example of strength, courage, love and kindness, and how we should all live our lives. I will miss you.

  6. Lauren says:

    To the family and friends of Kenton Cargile I send my sincere condolences. Please take comfort in knowing that it was not our heavenly Father’s intention that we suffer and mourn. For that reason he has given us a loving promise at Acts 24:15 that we will see our lost loved ones again and we will see them in peaceful conditions without pain and suffering (Revelation 21:4). May these words bring you comfort as they have often brought me comfort during such difficult times.

  7. Lori Jo Rieber says:

    Kenton, you will be missed by so many friends. We will keep you in our hearts and spirit forever. Your beautiful smile and fun-loving personality will live on in all of us. Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again.Prayers and condolences to the family of Kenton. May peace be with you at this very difficult time. Mourn his death, but most of all celebrate his life!

  8. Monique Durgin says:

    My sincerest condolences to the family. Although I did not know Kenton well, he was a fixture at the Northside Anytime Fitness center, which is where my husband and I met him. He had the most infectious smile of anyone I have ever met. You could not have a bad day (or continue a bad day) after seeing and talking to Kenton. His joy of life and love of people was so apparent to all around him. He will be truly missed by everyone who has had the blessing of crossing his path.

  9. ken cox says:

    After meeting him at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, he left quite a impression on me. I wish he didnt live so far away because he was so full of life and being around him made one feel full of life.
    Ken Cox
    NWHS Alumni Association
    Hall of Fame Member

  10. Michelle says:

    Thinking of you and just can’t imagine you’re not here. I will miss so many things about you, especially that amazing smile and strength you’ve had during this difficult time. You will forever be in my heart and never forgotten. Until we meet again- “you are the king of your domain .”

  11. Hopper says:

    I’m gonna miss you Kenton. Thank you for all of your time and passion for my dad’s memorial softball tourney. Thank you for being you and becoming part of our family. Godspeed and we all love you

  12. Pam Hayes says:

    Kenton, Goodbye for now my dear friend until we see each other again. Even though you do not want us to be sad my heart is breaking. I love you and will miss you on and off the ball field. Willie, Roderick and I will celebrate your life together soon. You have touched a lot of people and did Gods works be proud. Love you Kenton. Pam

  13. Mark Mazaheri says:

    As Kenton’s neighbor and frequent companion for morning workouts, I was truly moved by the way he dealt with his illness. I remember the exact spot where we were standing when he told me “I’m going to die”. For the next two years we talked openly about his fate. He chose to make the most of his life, something many of us fail to do. In August he asked me to cancel his gym membership and then told me “Half of 100 is enough.” We shared some tears along the way and had some great laughs.

    In particular; while telling me about preparations for a competition last winter, he mentioned getting “spray tanned”. I burst out laughing and reminded him that he really didn’t need a tan. We continued to laugh about it until the end.

    It was an honor for me to accompany him to chemo and spend time with him in the hospital. He taught me a lot about how to live life with dignity and approach death the same way.

    Rest in peace, buddy. When that weight goes up easy, I know you’re helping!

  14. Les Ashe says:

    Rest in Peace Kenton and Thank You for Your Service. My sincere condolences to the family and friends.

  15. Randi Finger says:

    True meaning of a MAN= KENTON.

  16. Mayville State Softball says:

    Kenton was an incredible presence on the softball team. We loved his contagious smile and the true love he had for the game. You will be missed Kenton.

  17. Bruce Kinch says:

    I will miss you, Kenton. THANK YOU for your testimony!! GOD IS IN CONTROL! I will never forget your smiles as you went thru auto treatment in WA. I am blessed to have met you & Kate!!

  18. Faith & Charles Dixon says:

    We are going to miss you so much from the time we met you for the 1st time almost 8 years ago at Wells Fargo till now. I read your reflections and the Courage and Endurance you had was Amazing. God was with you through this battle and you won Kenton. It hurts deeply to not have you with us anymore but to know you are with God and No Pain or Suffering brings great Peace in my heart. Till we meet again my friend R.I.P.

  19. Valley City State Softball Team says:

    To our favorite umpire,

    Thank you for being an inspiration to us. The smile you brought to the field every time, and the love for the game you shared shone on the field. Your strength overpowered the battle you were facing and you showed us to never give up. So thank you for everything you have done for us, and continue to make calls for us from above.

    Rest in Peace,

    Love the Valley City Softball Team

  20. DS says:

    I didn’t know Kenton but his obituary has really touched my heart. Even in death he is going to continue to help people. I must share this with others and hope that you don’t mind. How blessed you all are for having known this precious soul. I am sure he is in the loving arms of Our Father. God bless all of you and Kenton’s soul.

  21. Herb Walker says:

    I am sorry to hear about the passing of Kenton. My sincere condolences to the Cargile family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Herb Walker

  22. Dsvid Wilhite says:

    It was my Honor to call you a friend. From the time that I met you, way back in 1969, until November 1, 2015, you always had that great big smile. You were and still are a blessing to all that knew you. R.I.P. my Brother. Until we walk the Golden Streets together.

  23. Galen L. Cargile says:

    Goodbye brother,

    I pray you found a modicum of dignity, honor and peace in your death which you could not grasp in your life. It is the pity of man that understanding comes with death but, it is the glory of God that understanding comes at all. God grant both you and our father détente in so both may come to terms with one another at last. As for me…I will remember the father and the boy who once played catch as the younger son looked on. This is how I chose to remember you both.

  24. Sherry Jones says:

    Kenny !… you are such an inspiration, I miss you & your smile immensely, I hold a lot of wonderful memory’s of you which warms my heart… I know that you are at peace & in a far better place… It eases me to think that the almighty is watching over you, blessing you & taking care of you… R.I.P my dearest friend, sending big hugs & kisses Always… Until we meet again !!! XOXO

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