Why Plan Ahead

How To Get Started

It’s Easy

More than 80% of people think planning in advance is a good idea, yet few know where to begin.  It is easier than you think and we can help. Boulger Funeral Homes has expert counselors who will help you understand your options and let you make choices which are right for you.

How much planning you do is up to you. Some people only like to have a preference for burial or cremation documented. Others go all the way to choosing music and naming participants they would like in their ceremony.

What happens when you plan in advance with Boulger Funeral Homes:

  • Your wishes are documented and kept on file with us
  • Your family knows what you want to happen
  • You have more time to discuss and consider choices
  • Urgency and stressful decisions are eliminated during a time of crisis
  • You have the option to fund the plan over time
  • Plans paid in advance freeze costs and eliminate inflation
  • Plans can be changed at any time
  • Eliminates emotional overspending

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