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Loren Bjornstad

March 06, 1936 - June 01, 2016

Funeral Service - Monday

June 06, 2016
- 2:00pm

Boulger Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center, Fargo

Visitation - Monday

June 06, 2016
- 1:00pm

Boulger Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center, Fargo


Boulger Funeral Home

Loren Bjornstad

March 06, 1936 - June 01, 2016


Loren Duane Bjornstad died at his home in Fargo on June 1, 2016 with his family beside him. He fought a brave battle with mesothelioma for nearly 2 years.

Loren was born in Fergus Falls, MN on March 6, 1936 and lived at the family farm in Underwood, MN. At age 15 he moved to Moorhead, MN and lived with his mother. Later he met and married Anita Gebeke, on July 12, 1958. They moved to California where he worked at General Mills.

Loren and Anita began making Lodi, CA their home and raising a family. In 1968 the family returned to the North Dakota area. Loren worked at Cass Clay Creamery where he retired in 1996 after 27 years.

Loren is survived by his wife, Anita Bjornstad; his daughters – Tami Brainerd, Teri Bjornstad, Pati (Tim) Dahlsad; five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Loren was preceded in death by his brother, Robert Bjornstad; his daughter, Lori Bjornstad; his grandson, Jesse Brainerd and his parents.

FUNERAL SERVICE: 2 PM Monday at Boulger Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center in Fargo with visitation one hour prior to the service


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11 responses to “Loren Bjornstad”

  1. Pati says:

    I will miss you Dad…your sense of humor, your empathy and sensitivity. You were a brave and honorable man. You were always there to help your family, to whom you were fiercely loyal. We were all blessed to have you in our lives.

  2. Stacie Gebeke says:

    The world lost a wonderful man on June 1, 2016 and heaven gained another beautiful angel. Go with grace and without pain to meet all those who went before you. I will miss you but will always remember the twinkle in your eyes, your love for family, and enjoyment of time spent at the lakes.

  3. Dan rose says:

    Tami, Teri sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I know you will truly miss him. RIP

  4. Ariana says:


    I have loved you my whole life, and will forever! I have had one of the most amazing step fathers, but you have been the one and only constant father figure in my life since I was born. You ha e shown me so much, and instilled in me the power to be so loving and protective over my loved ones. I was afraid that when you would be gone, I would lose all of what you had given to me. But I was wrong. It shines even brighter than any star! I have this feeling that you are so overwhelmed with joy to be with my mom, uncle Robert, uncle andy, jesse, and great grandma and grandpa again! Sophia believes grandma Lori came for you yesterday, and I agree!

    I promise to always do right by you, and to do what you asked of me. I will not break my promise to you! You enjoy things up there, and wait for us. We will see you again one day!

    I love you so so much!

  5. Jodi Hoyt says:

    Dear Tami,
    I was so sorry to hear that your dad passed away. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please extend my condolences to your family.
    Jodi Hoyt

    “My life is but a weaving between the Lord and me…” ~The Plan of the Master Weaver~ Author Unknown

  6. Arlo Sandvig says:

    So sorry for your loss. May god bless Loren’s memory.

  7. kathy & Dave Dahlsad says:

    Our Prayers are with you Pati & Tim, all the family. Loss of a loved one leaves a special kind of hole in our hearts. We never forget how much they loved us, How we love them, Now your dad has more strength than imaginable.God speed Loren.
    Dave & Kathy Dahlsad

  8. Glen Bjornstad says:

    To the family of Loren Bjornstad:

    Our hearts cry for your loss; for Anita a husband and companion, for Tami, Terri and Patti, a father. For Ariana, both father and grandfather. For so many others family and friend. For me Loren, is the loss of a brother that I never had.

    Sadly, I did not know Loren or his family until 2003. Gail and I came to know them personally, as family, when the couple attended my mother’s 90th birthday celebration. That would rekindle family ties and a history that extends back in time to the late 1800’s when our ancestors arrived in the United States from Norway and began the struggle to make a new life in this country. It has been a history of struggle and tragedy that has left its mark on the Bjornstad story.

    Loren was that person that would link us in ways no one else can possibly understand. Loren became the “glue” that helped cement divergent branches of the same bloodline. I can see my own dad in Loren in his body sculpture, and subtile mannerisms that tell me, “we are family”. When I see Loren’s family, I discover so many of the same traits within my own offspring. Loren’s ability to recall things from his life, solved many mysteries about my own father. Finally, Loren’s final struggle with cancer was a very personal and painful replay of my own father’s last year. I feel your loss.

    Loren and his family opened doors that changed our lives in ways that cannot be measured. His gracious acceptance of us will always be held in high regard in this family. I ask that God extend His blessing to all of you that grieve for him.

  9. Sandy Howard says:

    Anita such a mix of emotions… I’m so sorry for your loss but so happy that Loren is no longer suffering and is in a better place. Although I only knew Loren for a short time I always enjoyed visiting with him. He was so gentle with my dogs and you could see he really loved animals. I will miss chatting with him at the condo. God bless his soul.

  10. Liz (Sholl) Loge says:

    I have known Loren and Anita all my life-it was my second home growing up. He would always joke with us girls and then get serious to tell us a life lesson. You were one of a kind and will be truly missed and it won’t be the same without you:( God Bless the life of Loren Bjornstad.

  11. Teri says:

    My Daddy, Dad, Father, Friend…..another year passes quickly. This year will be the second Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Birth Days….without kissing you, touching or smelling you. My heart is still so broken.
    I hold fast to the last words you spoke to me and the last feel of your arms around me, that way you looked at me and we knew exactly what was said without words. Today I cry and feel pain and loss for tomorrow can’t come soon enough when the doors of heaven open and I feel your spirit rushing forward. In my forever heart with love, Teri

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