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William Westerholm

March 15, 1951 - June 02, 2015

Memorial Service - Thursday

June 04, 2015 7:00 PM

Boulger Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center, Fargo


Boulger Funeral Home

William Westerholm

March 15, 1951 - June 02, 2015


William Malchow Westerholm, age 64, Fargo, North Dakota began his eternal life Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at Sanford Palliative Care Unit under the care of hospice, after a courageous battle with cancer. His last days were spent surrounded by family who showered him with love and prayer. He was greeted in heaven by his mother Beverly, father Duane, and brother Tom.

Bill was born March 15, 1951 in Fargo, where he grew up and graduated from Shanley High School in 1969. He had a deep love for the outdoors and many of his days were spent hunting, trapping, and fishing. Not only was he a good shot, legend has it, he once knocked out a coyote.  One of his biggest regrets he had was that he never got around to teaching his daughters how to hunt and trap.

He went on to live in many different places but he always ended up back in Fargo where he eventually retired from bachelor life and married his wife, Dee. Together they raised 3 beautiful daughters to whom he dedicated the rest of his life. He was a father and grandfather above all else. His children and grandchildren were his most prized possessions and he lived by the golden rule which he instilled in his family to do the same.

As a young man he worked for the railroad, later in auto sales and management and finally in the insurance industry where many of his clients became close friends.

Bill was the epitome of a gentle giant, a burly man with a kind and gentle heart. He was stubborn, but understanding, strict, but empathetic. He was always willing to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on for anyone who needed it. He made an impression on everyone who crossed his path, and was the most loyal of friends and most protective of fathers. He lived with honesty, integrity, strength, and honor.

His spirit will live on with his wife, Dee, 3 daughters, Marnie, Stormy, and Skye; 5 grandchildren, Hayley, Hunter, Hayden, Nahla and Cooper; his brothers John and Doug, sister-in-law, Pat Westerholm; as well as all of his friends. The most important things in Bill’s life were not materialistic. He measured life by family, friendships, and faith. With that said, his life was joyous, plentiful, and fulfilling, he is not gone, but has simply begun a new journey in a better place.


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22 responses to “William Westerholm”

  1. Wilda Bridgeford Kovich says:

    So sorry to hear of Bill’s death. Sending my prayers to all of you. Wilda

  2. Dave Cullen says:

    Thoughts and prayers for all his family.

  3. David Dooher says:

    Rest in the glory of Gods love Bill. We will miss you.

  4. Dee Dee (Doyle) Olson says:

    Oh no….so very sorry to hear of this wonderful man’s passing….way too young to leave. us. I send my sympathy to the family and may Bill rest in peace. He will be welcomed into paradise by our Loving God and all those who have passed on before. R.I.P. Bill!

  5. Barbara Stahlecker says:

    Bill and I have been working together for the past 5-1/2 years. To my great regret, we never met in person but I still feel as if I’ve lost one of my best friends. Since my last name is such a pain to pronounce, he simply called me Stalker. But when he called, it would be that big, booming voice coming through the phone…”Stalker!! What’s goin’ on? ” We would “argue” insurance minutiae until the cows came home. He was one of the smartest, most informed insurance professionals I knew. Through the years our conversations moved from insurance to just life in general. We talked about Thursday night buffets at the Holiday Inn. How crazy we both were in our (much) younger days. We looked at boats online and I talked him out of buying a pontoon (it was a bad deal but he really wanted a boat). He was looking forward to cleaning up his brother’s cabin and having some fun there but sadly, never got that chance. When he started getting sick our conversations turned more towards other things – his firm belief in God, family, his girls, grandchildren, making financial arrangements. Just a few weeks ago he told me he felt the most peaceful he’d ever felt in his life. He felt he had everything handled and now he could just “sit back and enjoy what time is left”. I know how much he loved Stormy and Skye and Nahla and Connor. He also had the utmost respect and affection for Dee. You guys were what he lived for.

    This is probably too long for a Guest book entry…sorry if it is. I just wanted you all to know what a great guy your father was and that he will be truly, truly missed. Everyone here at Premier was sad to hear of his passing. We thought if anyone could beat this disease, it would be him. I’m so sorry we never got the chance to meet and I will miss our conversations. Bye Bill.

  6. Paul Bartholomay says:

    Over the last fifty years, we’ve traveled many roads together. Through the good times and the bad times, you’ve been like a brother to me. Now you’ve climbed the stairway to heaven. I’ll miss you, Westy. Bart

  7. Barbara Stahlecker says:

    Cooper – I meant Cooper. Sorry for the mistake…

  8. Jeff Sanda says:

    Going to miss having coffee with you. Always enjoyed our talks. Rest in Peace my Friend

  9. Bruce Madlom says:

    I am grateful that Bill Westerholm was my best friend. Bill and I met over 15 years ago. We were lunch buddies, and would meet to eat out several times a month; sometimes for breakfast, most often at lunch time, and occasionally for dinner. Bill was quite a connoisseur of food, and I love food too! I especially enjoyed sharing our thoughts, complaints, and ideas – such as the invention he thought would be the next big thing. He wanted to pitch it to McDonalds – until I told him Dunkin Donuts had just came out with the same thing . . . the egg benedict breakfast sandwich he would have called the “mcbenedict”.

    Bill was a good father, husband and friend. I often times told Bill that he was a great salesman, too. He could sell anybody anything. He was a good listener. He was always there when I needed someone to talk to, and Bill was a very knowledgeable and smart man. Bill knew a lot about insurance, cars, food, and health issues. As far as a father, Bill loved his children and grandchildren very much.

    Personal Sentiments
    Marnie, Stormy, and Skye, what a good and generous man your father was. He always would lend me anything I needed if he had it. Bill was willing to help me move my office (several times during the years I knew him), even when his ankle was hurting!

    Bill was kind and truly cared about others. And others truly cared about him. I loved sitting in his apartment or in the hospital room while others talked about the best times that they had with Bill. He was a hunter, trapper, fisherman, salesman and friend to many; and I learned that he was pretty tough in his younger years. When Bill spoke, people listened. And not only because of his “booming voice” but because people respected Bill. Hearing the stories from several of his friends and relatives really helped me understand how much Bill will be missed by all. I’m going to miss him too.

    To Bill’s family: I know I can’t make your pain go away, but I want you to know I’m here. I promised Bill that I would help you after he was gone if I could. Please let me help in any way; with a shoulder, or an ear, or anything else you need.

  10. Bruce Madlom says:

    My Friend Bill

    Sometimes eggs and bacon, or bone-in ham,
    With the eggs over easy, but don’t mention “spam”.
    With hash browns crispy, browned on both sides
    His toast must be buttered to the edges, he confides.

    For lunch a steak sandwich, and a side salad too
    And don’t forget milk, eight ounces will do
    At Red Lobster, the Ultimate Feast he will order
    And Mexican Village for food south of the border.

    Perhaps you were lucky, and he cooked — just for you,
    A rib-eye or sirloin, with his special sauce, too.
    But regardless of the food choice, his time he did share
    Westy and me over coffee, and our steak medium rare.

  11. Lisa Anderson says:

    I remember when Bill worked for my dad, Andy (Gerald). Bill was a very nice man to all he met, I am so sorry to hear about his passing. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Rip Bill.

  12. John & Joanne Bridgeford says:

    So sorry to hear of Bill’s passing- our condolences to the family.

  13. Karen Selberg-Lavelle says:

    You will be missed by the many whose paths you crossed. I am happy to have known you. I will always remember you as a gentle, compassionate teddy bear. To his family, so very sorry for your loss. Hugs to each of you.

  14. Keri Leach says:

    I met Bill when I worked at the bank. He would always tease us girls and ask for extra tootsie rolls. He was one of my favorite customers! After I started watching Cooper he would randomly call and just visit for a few minutes. I will miss his calls.
    I am glad he is pain free and in a better place.
    Rest in Peace Bill.

  15. Paul Hagen says:

    Say hi to all of our friends in heaven…..

  16. Jean Schmith says:

    See you later, Bill. Or maybe sooner.

  17. Gorman King says:

    Bill, I will miss our conversations on politics over Heartland Insurance bad coffee. As bad as the coffee was, you did declare that you savored the cup first poured. You were well-read, informed and of course, by my way of thinking, we agreed on almost nothing! But you were never disagreeable and did not take our differing worldviews personally.

    Bill was a Gentleman, and that is in my mind a rare and high compliment.

  18. Dan Danielson says:

    Bungalow Bill, gentle giant and compassionate man. You are missed but I know we will meet again one day in a far better place. Doug, John and family members, you have my deepest sympathy and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.

  19. Mark Ihle says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the family. RIP Bill!

  20. Chris Littlejohn says:

    Sorry for your loss. Bill was a good man and friend. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  21. Catherine Lana Payne says:

    Knew Bill as a dear and close friend of my brother Peter and enjoyed the timer I spent with him throughout the years.

  22. Beth Splittstosser (Lana-Kraus) says:

    Bill was a sweet and dear friend of my Uncle Peter and I was blessed to share time with him at family events. Heaven will be blessed with his passion and mirth! My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.

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