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Planning in advance is important for you and your family. Gain the peace of mind knowing you have taken care of the important decisions so your family doesn’t have to do it without you.


Each life is precious—and since 1897, North Dakota families have depended on Boulger Funeral Home to celebrate their loved ones with unique and special care.

No matter how you choose to remember or be remembered, Boulger Funeral Home will be there to guide you. From the very simple to the elaborate, we are here to serve. There’s no detail too small or insignificant when it comes to honoring those in our care.

Call us or schedule a visit today, and we can find which options best serve you and your loved ones.


More and more families are choosing cremation in lieu of traditional burial. We at Boulger are here to serve all of the Red River Valley’s cremation needs.

Whether opting for a simple cremation or an accompanying memorial service, you can depend on Boulger Funeral Home to be there for each step of the process.

Schedule a visit to any of our facilities to learn more about your cremation options today.

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