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Alice Larson

May 05, 2018


Boulger Funeral Home

Alice Larson

May 05, 2018



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One response to “Alice Larson”

  1. Susan Fay Larson says:

    What a wonderful woman Alice was. Oh she made the best homemade bread, cole slaw, and potato salad and roast beast ( as Ben would call it). I recall the first time I met her when we drove up to the farm and I asked Mike which one she was. She looked so young besides Julie. Anyways, I could never ever have asked for a better mother in law than Alice. She was one of my best friends too. Whatever situation it was, she made the best of it, and I believe she is very happy in Heaven now with Glen. I love you Alice and you always knew that. Thank you for being part of my life.

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