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Chandice McGee Johnson Jr.

July 11, 1930 - October 09, 2020

No services planned at this time.


Boulger Funeral Home

Chandice McGee Johnson Jr.

July 11, 1930 - October 09, 2020


Chandice McGee Johnson, Jr was born in a remote area of eastern Oklahoma to Phoebe Lucyle (Brown) and Chand ice McGee Johnson, sr. His growing up years were spent in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas; Noel, Missouri; and Lawton, Oklahoma, where he graduated from high school. He attended Cameron State Agricultural College (now Cameron University) before transferring to Oklahoma Baptist University.

After graduating in 1953, he married Them a D. Casey. Two sons were born, Steven Timothy in 1955 and Chandice Andrew in 1958. Studying for the ministry, he attended Golden Gate Seminary in Berkeley and Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth. He served as pastor of churches in Louisiana, Missouri; Auburn, Washington; lone, Washington; Ashcroft, British Columbia; and Byhalia, Mississippi. After relocating to Fargo, he began graduate studies in English and was soon teaching English classes, then moved into teaching as his full time career. He received his master’s degree from NDSU. He directed the writing program, and established the Center for Writers, which he directed until retiring in 1999. He participated in the Linguistics Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota. He maintained his enjoyment of reading and love for writing in retirement, taking on editorial projects and producing two volumes of memoirs. He was also an avid sketcher. He was preceded in death by his son Andrew and sister Beverly. He is survived by his wife Thema and son Steven, and by sister Jeanne and brothers Harry and Jim.

No services are planned at this time. There will be an internment ceremony in the spring at a family plot in Byhalia. Memories and condolences may be shared at the online Guestbook at www.boulgerfuneralhome.com


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13 responses to “Chandice Johnson”

  1. Debra Pankow Croucher says:

    Thema and family: sending a warm embrace, loving thoughts and heartfelt prayers. Many fond memories of this wonderful human.

  2. Sue Bartuska Hendrickson says:

    My memories of Chandice go back many years. Somehow he never changed; timeless. As he will continue to be in my mind. I am very sorry, Thema and family, for your loss. But, I am in awe of the years you had with such a truly wonderful person. Prayers are with you now and always.

  3. Diane Ness says:

    Thinking of you all Thema and family. I was lucky enough to work on several printing projects with Chandice and he truly was a joy to work with and is missed.

  4. Patricia A Deutsch says:

    Oh, Thema. Have thought of you so often during the last two years. I had not seen you at Hornbacher’s for a while and thought you had moved to Seattle to be near your son. Love to you and your family. Chandice and you inspired me more than you will ever know. Hugs and prayers to you now as you go threw this loss. Love, Patty Deutsch

  5. Elizabeth Garcia de Guajardo says:

    Grandma Thema and Steve, we love you so much as we do Pastor Chandice. We thank the Lord that He brought Pastor to be the minister of our church. We are so thankful the very cold weather that met you when you moved to Fargo to start your ministry in F-M area did not scare you away, being that you were southerns. You adopted us as family and created memories in us with the stories you shared of your lives, growing up, meeting each other, falling in love, growing your boys, the churches you served, and many more stories, We loved listening to both of you sharing, some very funny, making me laugh even now, as I am remembering some of them. And, you have been our support almost all through the 44 years of our marriage. You and Pastor Chandice were there for many very special moments in our lives. Pastor Chandice dedicated our children,12 years apart, and now 38 and 26 years old.. You two are their adopted grandparents. Pastor officiated the renewal of our wedding vows on our 25th wedding anniversary. Pastor officiated at the celebration of our son’s marriage, and our daughter’s quinceañera ceremony. You both attended almost all of our daughter’s school and extra curricular activities. We still remember how terrified we were when she took the four of us on her first driving trip, when she got her driving permit. You and Pastor Chandice kept telling us to be quiet, and let her drive. You two were so brave, putting your lives in the hands of a 16 year old. The two of you were so calm. You celebrated with us her graduation from high school and university. She has all the gifts you two have given her through the years, and the lovely cards, you careful chose for her. We have two photo copies, the two of you cutting your wedding cake on your wedding day and one many years later with Steve, celebrating your 65th wedding anniversary. They have been posted on our refrigerator door among pictures of our children and grandson. We loved eating our free Tutti Fruitti frozen yogurt on our birthdays. It was extra special for me because Pastor Chandice and I shared the same birth-date, July 11th. We loved listening to his stories about his editing work. We will miss drinking the different flavors of coffee and the the delicious breads that Pastor made. The most loving and special thing you two did for our family was always being ready to welcome us in your home unannounced, never too busy to open your door to us, no matter the day or the time. How could you two put up with us just dropping by with no heads-up? The first thing our daughter would do was go to your reading room, to select one of your many books to read. We treasure all the precious times we spent together. Though we are thankful that Pastor Chandice is now with the Lord, and no longer hurting, we are very sad that we did not get to see you two this year due to the pandemic. We were just starting to get to know Steve and were so happy he retired and came to live here in Fargo, to be near you. Thank you for your love and attention that you gave to us, especially to our children. We know that you will continue loving and being Grandma Thema, as you and Pastor Chandice have been these many years. You have made us part of the Johnson family. We are praying that we will soon be together again. We will love listening to more stories of you and Pastor Chandice’s adventures. We will also ask you to re-tell some of the stories that you have already shared with us. All our love and prayers are with you and Steve. Your Guajardo family.

  6. Penny Hoesel says:

    Thema and family, my condolences to you all. I enjoyed my years working with Candice during my years in the English Department. Sending hugs and prayers.

  7. Diane Beaton says:

    Thelma and family my prayers and thoughts are with you at the loss of Chandice. l always enjoyed visiting with the two of you when we got together. So many good memories.

  8. Wayne and Elaine Hankel says:

    Thema, our sincere sympathy to you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Pat Beck says:

    Dear Thema and Family–You are in my thoughts and prayers .Chandice is also in my thoughts. I will always have special memories of him and the wonderful times we have spent together. May he rest in peace. Take care.

  10. Nicole Geyer says:

    Chandice will be missed by many. He always made us an expresso and a snack, when we stopped by. They were so yummy. Was always fun seeing what new endeavor u guys were into. Always doing something unique and interesting. Hugs and prayers to the family and Thema.

  11. Bruce Maylath says:

    I have fond memories of catching up with Chandice (and Thema!) every year while conferences of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota lasted, even though Chandice had already retired by the time I moved to NDSU and met him in 2007. After the Circle disbanded, I was delighted to talk with him once again when NDSU’s Center for Writers moved into its new quarters in 2018 and held an open house. He was a Bison teacher of writing till the end. What an honor it has been to know him.

  12. Nell Nichols Ginn says:

    Mrs. Thema and Steve, Our sincerest condolences to you at the passing of Chandice. I hold his memory in high esteem and I’m forever grateful for the years he spent in preparing messages that taught clearly and plainly God’s Holy Word. My parents enjoyed his company sitting in the big-room when you visited our home. God gifted Chandice with wit and intellect. I’m forever indebted to his godly influence.

  13. Margaret Gladney says:

    Thema: Gene and I learned yesterday of Chandice’s passing. I realized then that we had not been in touch with the two of you for a couple of years. We always enjoyed the Christmas/New Year letter he sent out each year, and will miss his wonderful sense of humor and wit. I am forever grateful that he taught and preached the lessons that are within the context of the Bible. He encouraged me to spread my wings beyond Byhalia, and for that I’ve been able to meet and befriend so many people of different cultures. And of course, he performed our wedding. Thank you both for your wonderful friendship throughout the years. Love to you and Steve.

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