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Claude Cossette

February 02, 1923 - April 17, 2020

A celebration of life will be held at a later date.


Boulger Funeral Home

Claude Cossette

February 02, 1923 - April 17, 2020



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2 responses to “Claude Cossette”

  1. Danny Mohn says:

    I worked with Claude for many years and he became a very good friend. We enjoyed many hours together. He will be sadly missed. Danny Mohn

  2. Danita Gerhold says:

    We miss seeing Chick and Gary next door in the garden. Everyday, one or the other, or both, would be out there until it got too dark to see. They were always generous with their produce. After Gary died, we bought the garden lot from Claude as he said Gary would want us to have it. I carried on the garden, cutting it first in half, then finally in a quarter of its original size. I swear I could hear Gary talking to me as I planted, weeded and watered the land he so loved. I know I will feel Chucks presence as well. He was a very kind man.
    One time we had lost a big Oak tree in our backyard. Chick was very sentimental about that old tree as it was planted by his parents. He was probably 85 years old when he managed to lift a huge part of the tree into his old suburban. He was too proud to ask for any help. He took that tree and made it into a butcher block. He even made the local news with his tree turned butcher block! What he never shared, was the big gouge in his leg that he got trying to get that thing in his suburban. Never wanted anyone to worry!
    Claude, “Chick”as most of us knew him, was a very kind gentle man and will be missed by all!

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