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Dorothy Moorhouse

October 25, 1929 - May 12, 2020

Funeral Mass - Friday

May 22, 2020
- 1:00 PM

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fargo


Boulger Funeral Home

Dorothy Moorhouse

October 25, 1929 - May 12, 2020


Dorothy Mae Moorhouse of Fargo, ND died May 12, 2020 at the age of 90. She was born to Thomas and Katherine Kotek on October 25, 1929 in Grand Forks, ND. She lived with her parents, a brother and sister in Tabor, MN. where the family farmed. They moved to East Grand Forks, MN where she attended high school. ON March 25, 1951 she married Joseph Moorhouse of Grace City, ND in Grand Forks, ND. They lived in Grace City until 1958 when they moved to Fargo. Dorothy was employed by the Sons of Norway for 23 years. She retired in October of 1999. Her husband of 50 years preceded her in death on July 17, 2001 and also her brother and sister.

Dorothy is survived by 4 sons and 3 daughters, Michael (Diane) Fargo, ND; Thomas (Roberta) Mankato, MN; Anthony (Donna) Dent, MN; Mary (Brad) Kowalski, Hamilton, MT; Robert (Cynthia Chamberlain), Prior Lake, MN; Kathleen (James) Starks, San Diego, CA; Carol, Las Vegas, NV; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Funeral Service will be held on Friday, May 22, 2020 at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Fargo, North Dakota at 1:00 PM with visitation beginning one hour prior. Burial will be at Holy Cross North Cemetery, Fargo, ND.

Dorothy’s Live Stream can be viewed via the following link on Friday: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YrPwQFYBVlsLp55v2vHsw/live


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7 responses to “Dorothy Moorhouse”

  1. Roberta Moorhouse says:

    Dorothy you have been the most loved Mother-in-law! I will truly miss your laugh and smile!
    I love you!!

  2. Dr. James Starks Jr. says:

    Momma Dorothy (as I referred to her as) was an amazing woman. I had the distinct honor of spending time with her together with my wife Kathleen over the last 15 years. I came to know her, in her own words, regarding the many things she did as a mother. We often talked about her baking (something we both love to do) and the many stories behind some occassions.

    One story surrounded her making donuts for the family, but having to hide them because one of her sons (who I will leave nameless, but I am sure the family knows who the culprit was), who would always seem to find them and eat them all! Or the homemade ice cream that was loved by all, or the apple pies, amd all from scratch, what an unbelievable talent!

    I will miss her dearly, and will also take her parted wisdom and pay it forward to my children and grandchildren, who will always know the wonderful loving, dedicated and talented person she was. May she rest in peace…

  3. Mary (Moorhouse) Kowalski says:

    Mom was a great mentor as I was growing up. She helped make me the woman that I am today. I will miss you Mom and carry you forever in my heart. Until we meet again……

    Mary Ellen

  4. Kathleen (Moorhouse) Starks says:

    My mom was a real live SUPERWOMAN!! Not only did she raise 7 kids, have 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, and counting (hope I did not miss anyone), she went to work and took care of everything in the household! I could list ALL of the things she could do, however, that would take another lifetime.

    The only things I know she would not do was use the snowblower and anything to do with electrical work, everything else was fair game. She taught herself how to do everything – cook, bake, sew, and all the household things. That is where I get my determination to do things.

    When her memory was first starting to fade, I remember talking to her on the phone and she said she knew things were different some days and she hated it. We will miss our week long yearly trips to visit her and weekly calls. We will often reflect back on the pictures and videos we took of her, in her own words, talking about life, how powerful they were.

    I know you are finally free, however, we will miss you tremendously, mom, and we know you are looking down on all of us smiling. We know that when our time comes, you will be waiting for us with open arms. We saw 2 butterflies (which in San Diego we don’t see very often) 3 days after mom passed away. I told James that there goes mom and dad. Now we are waiting to see an owl, or at least hear one….❤🖤

  5. Brandi Lsng says:

    OMG I was so sad to hear this news. Dorothy n I had a great special bond. We joked about how handsome her doctor was until he shaved his head, or the onion sandwich she liked to eat. I have gotten to know a few of her children. I hope we will still keep talking ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. TahNeesha Moorhouse says:

    Grandma, whenever I thought about you I always remembered your love for owls. While reading a book some years ago it gave the idea of choosing a symbol, anything you want, to be a sign that you’re on the right path or doing the right thing. The moment I read that, for some reason I thought of you, so I knew that I had to choose an owl. Coincidentally I also chose a butterfly, not even knowing at the time you loved butterflies too. After that I began seeing them both everywhere! In pictures, on tv, or even sometimes butterflies flying past me out of nowhere. In those moments I think of you and always will. I’m a true believer in God and the universe sending us signs in different ways, especially when we need them most. I wish I could have shared this story with you. But it makes me happy to know that we are connected in this way. Also, 25 is our number! I know you were an amazing woman and your spirit will live on forever. I feel gratitude knowing that you lived a full life, full of love. Thank you for sharing your light with me. You’ll forever be in my heart. You’ve got your wings now, fly high.. I love you Grandma

  7. Lynette Kennedy says:

    Dorothy, even though we never met you were always in my heart. I know you were an important part of your family’s life. You will be missed. Hugs to you.

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