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John Arechigo

November 07, 2020

John will be remembered during a small family gathering. He is loved, and will be missed.


Boulger Funeral Home

John Arechigo

November 07, 2020


John Theron Arechigo passed away Saturday, November 7, 2020 after battling cancer for nearly two years. He was 71 years old. He died peacefully surrounded by his children.

John was the son of Audrey (Smith) Arechigo and Jose Arechigo. John was raised in Fargo, ND by Audrey, Jose, and his step-father, Donald Longie. The family would like to acknowledge Donald Longie’s special role in helping to raise John.

John had a love for fishing and hunting. If you believed his fish stories, nobody ever caught more walleye out of Big Cormorant. We hope he tracked down his buck on hunting opener. John was very happy for the time he had with his grandchildren later in life.

He was preceded in death by his mom, Audrey, dad, Jose, and sister, Susan Arneson. He is survived by his step-father, Donald Longie; brother, Tom 􏰀Archie􏰁 (Lori) Arechigo; sister, Deb (David) Asplin; four children, John (Heather) Arechigo, Sam Arechigo, Leah (Mike) Reed, Jacqie (David) Kremer; eight grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

John will be remembered during a small family gathering. He is loved, and will be missed.


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3 responses to “John Arechigo”

  1. Doug & Deb Henke says:

    We are so sorry to hear about John’s passing. May God Bless him and our Mother Mary protect him and our Angels raise him into Heaven. May he rest in peace…

  2. Thomas Midthun says:

    John taught me how to fish for walleyes, and Catch Them. He Learned that from Don. I have a tackle box with 4 walleye jigs with trailing feather treble hooks that were handmade by Don Longie, given to me by Archie (John) . They are priceless and will go to my Grandson, who fishes in clear waters in Northern Vermont. I could not be more proud to pass on the tradition . If Archie was here, he would approve. And he would smile. Many Big Cormorant memories.o

  3. Margo Evenson says:

    So sorry to hear about your father John.. if you remember me from South High. I do remember you talking about your dad often. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Margo Evenson

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