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Malcolm "Herb" Smith

October 15, 1932 - October 14, 2012


6-8:00 PM on Friday, October 19, 2012 at Boulger Funeral Home, Fargo.

Funeral Service:

11:00 AM on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at Boulger Funeral Home, Fargo.


Boulger Funeral Home, Fargo.

Malcolm "Herb" Smith

October 15, 1932 - October 14, 2012


Herb Smith, beloved husband, father, grandfather, mentor and teacher, passed away from this life into eternal rest on Sunday at the V.A. Medical Center in Fargo at age 79.

He was born in Hartford, NY and was raised on the family farm outside Granville, NY.  In 1953 he was drafted into the Army.  During his time in the Army, he met the love of his life Arlene; they were married on June 4th 1955.

His education started at Rochester Junior College and continued on at the University of Minnesota, and Iowa State University; however Herb never stopped learning.  He brushed off the initials signifying his accomplishments, DVM, PhD, ACVM Diplomate, president of NDVMA, AAVLD.  At the pinnacle of his career, he was the first in the world to isolate the bovine respiratory syncytial virus in 1970, still used today as the Lemkuhl strain.  He often questioned colleagues, “Who is the most important person you are going to meet today?”  to which he would reply, “the student.”  He retired from NDSU in 1998, having spent 17 years as chairman of the Veterinary Sciences Department.

He was accomplished in many things, but he would most want being remembered by his love for God, his wife (Arlene), his children (Martha, Bill, Ian, Lee, Clark, and Hugh), his many grandchildren, and the many students he mentored over the years.  Following the example of Jesus, the most important thing in his life was his relationship with God and his neighbor.  This included not only the neighbor next door, but people all over the world as well.  The giving nature of him precluded all else; Heaven’s gain will be felt as a deep loss to those who knew him.


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  1. Nancy Ring Fish says:

    Granville NyHerb and I went to Granville Central School together. We graduated in the class of 1951. He was the class president, a peson always well-liked and respected. As his lab partner I was thankful that he always took the lead to complete our chemistry experiments. Rest in peace, Herb. Nancy R.Fish

  2. Wanda Babcock says:

    Henderson NevadaI first met Dr. Smith in Kiron when I was a young 4-H member and he was our guest speaker. He always spoke with such kindness and knowledge. I have learned much from him and his wonderful wife, Arlene, and beautiful children. I was fortunate to have met his folks and siblings as well. What a blessing to have our paths cross. Herb was a man of God and lived his faith. I am forever grateful to have known Herb and the Smith families…

  3. Harold "Butch" Gilchrest says:

    Shushan N.Y.Dear family,
    I was very sorry to learn in this morning’s paper of your loss. I know Malcolm was a great man, my mother often spoke of him. I had the honor to meet him many years ago when he and several family members came to the farm to visit my parents. I remember him as a true gentlemen, I remeber thinking yes, he would have be a great teacher and a great Dr. My Mom and Malcolm(she always refered to him as Malcom not Herb) were cousins, Esther Brady Gilchrest. I now live at the farm in Shushan. That would be Malcolm’s grandfather’s place. My sincere sympathy to all of you at this very sad time. Butch

  4. Dorothy M Sharlow says:

    Lisbon New YorkMy thoughts and prayers to all of you. Herb certainly lived a long, wonderful life. He will be missed. A Smith cousin, Dorothy Sharlow

  5. Carol Hagen says:

    Grand Forks ND
    It is impossible to think about ND
    SU without remembering Dr. Smith. Whenever I would doubt myself and wonder whether veterinary medicine should be my field, he would smile and encourage me. I can’t remember a time that he wasn’t smiling and warmly welcoming a student into his office to visit even when he probably had lots of other work to do.

    He was loved and respected because he loved and respected others and he will be missed forever.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Smith family in their loss.


  6. Gary and Tracy Bartlett says:

    Cedar Rapids IAArlene and family,
    Herb was a special friend and mentor to many including me. He will be missed but leaves behind priceless memories.

    From boyhood visits to your home in Kiron to ISU days and too few touches in Fargo, I’ve valued the friendship of your family. Few have touched me more. Herb’s generosity and counsel left an idelible mark and I value it greatly.

    He will be with us always and I’m thankful.

  7. Craig and Emily Edwards says:

    Duanesburg NYOur sympathy to all the family, with special thoughts to Peter and Charlotte and family, Roger and Bill, and also Clark and Sue, whom we met when we were visiting our sister Cheryl in FL. So thankful for all we enjoy and the hope we have in this family.

  8. jennifer perez says:

    worcester MAwhere would i be without the smith family? i never met their dad, but gertrude was a very special lady and i am glad for the love of God that was so evident in her life. she raised an amazing family. each of the children grew, were molded and helped mold one another. i am thankful for the role herb played in such a strong loving giving family. you could hear the pride in stories about the one who became a veterinarian. we never know whose lives we touch, but i am grateful to have been touched by yours. my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  9. Michelle Merwin says:

    Special thoughts for the Smith Family during this difficult time. The World Feels your loss. God Bless you all!

  10. Elisa Boettcher says:

    Marshall MN
    Arlene and Jenny – Thinking of you especially these days, wanting to give you both a big hug. I have so many fond, warm memories of meeting and visits around your table…a table loaded with garden produce. Thank you for your care for a lonely student. I know you will be dearly missing Herb…may the God of all comfort touch your hearts as eternal life seems so fresh and real.
    Elisa Boettcher

  11. Garfield and Mary Hoglund says:

    Fargo ND
    Dr Smith a true Nieghbor and friend that will be truly missed. He encouged so may young people in there career choices, including our son James. God Grace be with your family!

  12. Paul Motter DVM says:

    Cooperstown ND
    Dr. Herb Smith was a wonderful man and he will be missed.

    He positively impacted many current Veterinarians, future Veterinarians, and probably everyone he had occaision to meet.

    I can still visualize him smiling and greeting me at my first Pre-Vet club meeting at ND
    SU many years ago. He made that insecure college freshman feel welcomed and comfortable.

    I extend my condolences to his family and friends.

  13. peggy gaynor says:

    I am sending sympathy and care to the Smith family. With care and prayers, Peggy Gayor

  14. Andy Blixt says:

    Bozeman MontanaArlene:

    My prayers, thoughts and love are with you and your family during this most difficult time. Dr. Smith was a wonderful man and will be missed by all-he is our loss and Heaven’s gain!

  15. Tracie Hoggarth says:

    Christine ND
    Dr. Smith was more than an a pre-veterinary advisor — he was a scholar, mentor, and kindred spirit. Some of the advice that he gave me prior to veterinary school and since starting practice will forever resonate with me. Notably “you’ll never go to your grave wishing you spent more time at work” when we discussed balancing family life and career (and one of the reasons he stated he pursued specializing in veterinary medicine so he could spend more time with his loved ones). I always enjoyed visiting with him in his office or when riding horse over to visit him at his house with his lovely garden and scholarly literature collection. We shared a passion for turn of the century veterinary textbooks which I was fortunate enough to have him share a select few with me. He emulated the compassion, resiliency, and intellect that many of us strive for professionally and personally and will be missed.

  16. Edna Place says:

    Silt COWe want all of Dr. Malcolm “Herb” Smith’s family to know how sorry we are for their loss. Although we did not have the pleasure of meeting Herb, we see through Lee’s life what an example he was to his family, friends, and all of the students he has taught, as well as all those whose life he touched. To his wife, children, other family, friends, and students we want to express our condolences –
    With Sincere Sympathy,

    Family and Friends from Colorado
    P & T Satterfield and family
    Alice, Don, Edna, Regina, Shawnee, Codie, George and family

  17. Wally and Joanne Radbourne says:

    Nestor Falls OntarioOur thoughts go to the family and especially to you, Arlene, as life has taken a turn. I so well remember the meals I had at your apartment when Herb was studying at the U of M. We had many good visits and I was always glad to get more of an insight into his thinking. He was a good teacher with empathy and understanding. I will long remember your kindnesses to me when I was young and impressionable. Our love in the same faith binds us closer even in death. Our hears and prayers are with you these days.

  18. Traci Spafford says:

    Minneapolis MN
    I had the great privilege of working with Dr. Smith for approximately 11 years at ND
    SU. He was a wonderful boss and mentor. He took great joy working with the many students through the years. I was extremely grateful he shared Arlene’s scrumptous sugar cookies he kept in the freezer, I’m sure I ate more than he did. Also if not for him Alan and I would not have shared the last 23 years together. Thanks and God Bless.

  19. Laurie (Ling) DeGezelle says:

    Mankato MN
    It is with great sadness to learn of Herb’s passing, but with much thankfulness for the memories I have of someone who lived every moment to its fullest and shared that love of life with everyone and anyone fortunate to be around him. Herb, having been a co-student and associate of my Dad’s in Veterinary school, was also very much a family friend. I remember bike rides with Herb and Arlene through the Minnesota
    Agricultural gardens, catching fireflies on the Smith farm in Iowa, and Herb teaching me how to raise pigeons (even bringing me my own to get started with).

    Even though the years have put distance between us, I wish to let Arlene, Martha, Bill, Ian, Lee, Clark, Hugh and their families know, how fortunate I feel to have known Herb. He has touched many lives and will continue to do so in all the special memories and lessons in life he has blessed us with. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. –Laurie (Ling) DeGezelle


    Dear Smith Family,
    We are thinking of you at this time when family ties are broken. We are thankful for a hope beyond this life.
    You have our deep sympathy.
    Will & Karol Thompson

  21. Family and Friends from Colorado says:

    Silt COWe want all of Dr. Malcolm “Herb” Smith’s family to know how sorry we are for their loss. Although we did not have the pleasure of meeting Herb, we see through Lee’s life what an example he was to his family, friends, and all of the students he has taught, as well as all those whose life he touched. To his wife, children, other family, friends, and students we want to express our condolences –
    With Sincere Sympathy,

    Family and Friends from Colorado
    P & T Satterfield and family
    Alice, Regina, Edna, Don, Codie, Shawnee, George & family

  22. Larry and Carol Turner says:

    Stewartville MN
    Clark, Sue and Alexander
    We are sorry to hear about your dad/grandpa’s death. Our thoughts will be with you Saturday and beyond.

  23. John & Esther Larsen says:

    We’re thinking of the Smith family in this time of loss. Our deepest sympathy to all.

    John & Esther

  24. Kevin Soiseth says:

    Fargo North Dakota
    Although I only knew Dr. Smith for a few short years it is because of him that I am what I am today. He was willing to take a chance on me when I was still finding my way and that opportunity started me down the path of my career. For that I thank him. His kindness and generosity towards students and young persons just starting out is something that I try to emulate today. He will be missed.

  25. Dean & Arlou Peterson says:

    Milaca, MnOur thoughts are with you Arlene and your family at this time of your loss. We so enjoyed your friendship through the years and have wonderful memories. We think of Herb’s “huge garden of onions” which we had a tour of.

    Another lane change in your lives but we know God is very good to us and there is much awaiting us when life is over.

  26. Alan Spafford says:

    I first met Dr. Smith in September of 1983. I was given work-study funds and was directed to the VDL for an interview. It was clearly a mistake to send an Engineering student to the VDL but I setup an appointment to meet with the department chairman anyway.

    I met with Dr. Smith and after a little visiting about generalities, he asked, “do you have any experience in Veterinary Medicine?” I replied that “I had a dog when I was young and his name was Corky.” We both smiled and then I spent the next decade working with him to deliver on the many ambitions he had for the VDL, the people he led and most importantly the students who passed through ND
    SU and beyond.

    Dr. Smith was my mentor, he was my friend. I will remember him forever.

  27. Ron Hartvikson says:

    Thompson ND
    Dear Arlene,Jenny and Family,
    Nancy and I are privileged to have known Herb as a dear friend.He never talked about himself or his achievements in life but was concerned about you as an individual.Herb was a wonderful man that has gone on to his eternal reward on the other side.

  28. Tom A. Olson says:

    Jamestown, North Dakota
    As a high school biology teacher Dr. Smith was so kind and welcoming to several of my science fair students. His direction of our students was particulrly valuable and appreciated by each student in the development of their projects. The day Dr. Smith sent an inverted microscope back to our lab. for student use was indeed a shock to me as the mentor of the program. Several of these students are now using these skills in their positions as researchers across our country. Dr. Smith’s strong faith was demonstrated the day he indicted he was suffering from a serious disease and he stated “I’m not afraid” I was speechless.

  29. Teresa Schmertman says:

    Minneapolis MN
    Herb and his family opened their hearts and home to me when I was in college. They were the main reason I will remember those years as some of the best years of my life. So thankful for Herb’s faithful life and know God will comfort those of us who will miss him here on earth. Love to his family.

  30. Rodney and Celia(Yorke) Burns says:

    Ellershouse Nova ScotiaDear Arlene and family,
    You have been in my thoughts and heart so often this last while. So many good memories of days together in Granville that are still precious in reflection after all the years that have passed between then and now.
    Please know that you are thought of with love and care in this experience.
    Rodney and Celia

  31. Jim & Betty Huisman says:

    Litchfield MN
    Our hearts and our prayers and our Sympathy is with each of you

  32. Dave & Rita Miller says:

    Greenfield INThank you Arlene and children for sharing Herb with many, myself included. Herb was a mentor example to me both academically and spiritually at a critical time in my educational pursuit. Your family was an influentual part of our “Ames days”. thinking of Rev 14:13 “…Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord..they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them.” Please know Rita and I are thinking of your at this time.

  33. Jenny Connelly says:

    MichiganHerb will be greatly missed. With great care, respect, love and sympathy, Jenny

  34. Cecil and Amy (Parker) Wise says:

    Louisville GeorgiaWe are thinking of you.

  35. Brad Bartholomay says:

    West Fargo ND
    I have so many fond memories of Herb and I will always remember sitting across from his desk at ND
    SU while he was my advisor. My sympathy is with the family at this time.

  36. Ellen (Moore) Larson says:

    Folsom, CAI’m thinking of all the Smith siblings who I knew quite well from years ago in the eastern USA. I’ve seen Roger and Bill most recently. I never did meet Herb but knew of him through the others. If I’m not mistaken, there were seven siblings and now there remains four. Thoughts go to you special friends who remain. With love & care ~

  37. Rick Lagasse says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Smith Family. Dr Smith was a great mentor and an inspiration to me. Without his encouragement and guidance, I would not have become a veterinarian. His kindness and dedication to his students will be forever remembered.

  38. Curt and Dawn Doetkott says:

    We are sorry to hear of Dr. Smith’s death. Our prayers go out to all of you.

  39. Juanita Mask says:

    Cumming GAWe are thinking of all our Smith aunts, uncles and cousins. Hope you have many special memories to enjoy as you think of Uncle Herb. It was 17 years ago this month that we lost Mom, and we cherish her influence and the seeds that were sown because of her.

    May you feel comfort and peace as you look ahead.

    Love, Keith, Juanita, Amanda, and Shannon

  40. Wilfred Aarestd says:

    Jamestown ND
    Dear family,
    We are sorry to hear of your loss but all things work together for good to those who love God. I have many memories of fellowship in days past. Wilfred

  41. Howard & Estella Schafer says:

    Valrico FLDear Clark and Family,
    Thinking of you during this time of your loss. Glad that God can bring comfort in the time of grief. Howard & Estella

  42. Ron Thunshelle says:

    Minot ND
    My thoughts are with the entire Smith family in your time of mourning. Dr. Smith was a very special person, when I look back on my college years he is always one person/mentor that stands out. His dedication to the student was tremendous. I am grateful that I was able to know him.

  43. Gerald Stokka says:

    Cooperstown ND
    Dr. Smith was my colleague, a mentor, my friend, and gifted as an encourager to literally thousands of others. I will see Herb again on the Other Side.

  44. Lisa Nolan says:

    Ames IowaDr. Smith was a wonderful man who made a positive and indelible mark on all the lives he touched. I am profoundly grateful that he mentored me through my early career. He was an inspiration and a friend, and I’m glad to have known him!

    Lisa Nolan

  45. Wayne and Michelle Morgan says:

    Strathalbyn SA AustraliaThinking of you all so much and know more than anything that you will be proving Gods wonderful comfort and care. Special memories of fellowship in their home.

  46. Debbie Jacobsen says:

    Idaho Falls IDDear Arlene and family,

    Thoughts are with you so much these days. I have many good memories from when you lived in Bozeman many years ago now.

    With much care,

  47. Bryce & Amy Hagbom says:

    Bloomington MN
    Our thoughts are with you Arlene, Jenny and family. We remember very special times with Herb in meetings at Butchers and at your house. His quiet gentle spirit and strong example will be remembered. Our condolences.

  48. Rene Parish says:

    Wylie TexasOur thoughts are with all of you at this time. So thankful that our paths crossed so many years ago. Know that we would love to be there with you and that our heart thoughts and prayers are going your way.

  49. Kathleen Kitto says:

    Billings MtI wish I could be there to share in stories and to celebrate his life…he was my friend, mentor and father figure. I treasure the memories I have from the time spent in your home as well as those from days at ND
    SU. His smile and laugh will be with me always as well. I loved him..

    Much love to all of you…Kathleen

  50. Dave & Judy Starling says:

    Ames IAArlene & family, We were so sorry to hear of Herb’s passing. We have so many wonderful memories from Dave’s ISU days and all the help he was to him.
    Your family was so very useful here in Ames for all the students and others!
    Our condolences to the entire family!
    Love, Dave & Judy Starling

  51. Jay & Stephanie Eckel says:

    Eagle Bend MN
    Herb was a very special man. We have fond memories of many a visit around the Smith table. Our thoughts are with all of you at this time. Cherish your memories and find comfort in them.

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