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Mandella Flomo

March 23, 1987 - January 30, 2015



Mandella Flomo

March 23, 1987 - January 30, 2015


Mandella B Flomo 27 years of age passed away Friday, January 30,2015 at Sanford hospital .

The late Mandella B. Flomo was born March 23, 1987  in senje Tawor District , liberia. To Mr. James Flomo and Ms. Miatta Sherman. Brother Mandella, had five sisters and six brothers. Robertsport  was his early childhood home, untill her left Liberia to move to the USA for a better life, and reunited with his father along with some of his siblings in 2007. Brother Mandella was a hard working father and  a brother that was in the things of the lord.Upon his arrival to the USA , he quickly found a church, where he began to play the drums  faithfully and committed himself at Freedom Christian Fellowship Ministry Intl. The late Mandella was also a intelligent student  and dedicated to learning and achieving high marks both in elementary ,high school and in college.He also graduated from Everest College silver spring Maryland in 2012. Mandella  was in a committed relationship with Willimia Mcgill they both meet in 2007 and was inseparable. together they had a handsome baby boy Nelson Winter Flomo Jr in 2013. By 2014 Mandella moved to North Dakota with his son and fiancee in search of better life,where he was diagnose with stage four Cancer. Mandella quickly found a church home with Champion Temple,  Mandella  made wonderful friends and family at Champion Temple . Few months later Mandella was admitted to Sanford hospital where  he was surrounded by church member, family and friends and  was later pronounce dead January 30 2015. Brother Mandella was followed by his older brother who died two years ago Winters Watson AKA Uncle B

Brother Mandella survived by his parents,grandmother, grand aunts,aunts and uncle ” the love of his life ” Willimia, his son{buddy} brothers,sisters, nieces,nephews,cousins and many more. Mandella will be missed by every one who knew him, because he had unconditional love and respect for everyone who knew him, but most especially  his smile.


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