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Rebecca Saunders

June 13, 1955 - April 08, 2012


Picnic: 2:00 P.M. Junes 2, 2012 at Rebecca's new home.


Boulger Funeral Home, Fargo.

Rebecca Saunders

June 13, 1955 - April 08, 2012


Who was known to everyone simply as “Sam”, left this physical world on April 8, 2012 Easter Sunday.  A day she looked forward to spending with her Best Friend Missy each and every year.  She was surrounded throughout the day by those that loved and cared for her. Holding her hand as she drew her last breath was her daughter Dusty known simply by her mom as her pride. Her Joy, on the other hand, Nicole had spent her last waking hours with her mom at the hospital looking back on times gone by, singing to her, telling stories and being able to express the appreciation she had for being able to call her mom.  

Sam was born on June 13, 1955 and was adopted by Robert and Elenor Olslund who welcomed her into their home in Fargo, ND. Sam left this world leaving behind her husband Lewayne, two daughters Dusty Lynn Perkins and Nicole Rae (Perkins) Wagner a/k/a Whitefishwoman, and five grandchildren as well as many friends that she met throughout her short stay on this earth.  

I will remember my mother in the following ways:

Her Cooking- She could never follow a recipe nor make food for just one. Bigger was better and everything needed to be “doctored up” leaving us with way too much to eat and because of her constant adding of “a little of this” and “a little of that” no meal was ever prepared the same way twice!

Her laugh– Infectious from the moment you met her always tilting her head to the side, and tossing her bangs back saying “Don’t cha’ know.”

Her heart-Was just simply two sizes too big for her body, she loved people especially the elderly and animals, sooo much almost to a fault.

Sensitive-You had a problem she would take it on as if it was hers, this was another way of showing her love for people, and yet again almost to a fault.

Eyes-She had big beautiful brown eyes, which she has passed on to her grandchildren.

Hugs-Those long arms when they wrapped around you, you knew it, felt it and made you feel as though everything would be alright.

Movies– She loved the oldies, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Columbo (Peter Faulk) and Lucille Ball, Peter Sellers (The Pink Panther) 

Silliness-She loved be too silly and could relate easily with children.

I will always have the memories of my mother and will keep them alive within me each and every day. As my older sister sat next to her moments before she left this world she made a promise to her simply saying: “Mom, Mom….don’t worry we’ll do better and so in honor of our mom, her life and all the things she bestowed on us such as the gift of life, we will vow to always do our best as her children to honor the mother that we love and have now lost.

Don’t cry for the wife, mother, daughter, grandma, or friend that has left. We will see her again real soon and she will be there for us just as we were there for her in the end. I will wait to see her again just the way I remember her in my mind. Until we meet again, bless us, watch over us, protect us when you can and know that you were loved, more then you ever knew.

Family Services: The family has arranged to have a picnic on June 2, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. in honor of her life, which will take place at what would have been her new home. Due to her passing she never was given the opportunity to live in. Please feel free to bring and share any memories, photos, or stories of our mom.


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8 responses to “Rebecca Saunders”

  1. Ty & Cindy Kronbeck says:

    Hawley Minnesota
    Knew her in Pelican. LOVED her in Pelican. Left her in Pelican. We were drawn to her by her generosity, when she hardly knew us. She was kind, caring & a Helluva cook. You’re good to go Sam. Peace be with you!!

  2. Nathan says:

    ColoradoI am sorry to hear about your family’s loss. My condolences to everyone. Sam was very kind and giving to me. I don’t think I have ever met such a genuine, and giving person. I stopped by and visited her a few years back and said hi. I will miss her.

  3. Sara Hanson says:

    Douglas WYYour home always felt like my second home! I am happy that your house was part of my childhood. You raised 2 of the most wonderful women I know. My heart goes out to everyone who’s life you touched! I love Dusty like a sister, and I know you are proud of who her and Nicole have become! Rest well, and someday will see you again!
    Love Sara

  4. Beck says:

    White Shield N.D
    Prayers go out to all the family. Lots of love to Dusty and Whitefish . *Hugs*

  5. kristen lewis says:

    Nicole & Dusty,
    I am so sorry for your lose. Loosing a Mother is difficult. God will give you the grace to get throiugh this extremely difficult time. Time heals all wounds and time will heal your grief. Cherish the good memeories. The memories are all we have after our Mothers are gone.

  6. whitefishwoman says:

    Grand Forks ndi loved you so very much gramma sam.
    i only got to see you so like 2 times. i didn’t get to touch you only like 1 time. i hope i get to see you . i love gramma sam. love spotty. bye gramma sam.

  7. Dusty Perkins says:

    Detroit Lakes MN
    I love you mom. I know you will forever be with me. I am a part of you and I will see you again you came to me in a dream a few days ago in the beginning it was sad because you were gone but as the dream went on I saw Nicole and I laughing and smiling and it was because we were remembering you…

  8. Mary Beth Amundson says:

    Becky. Becky.
    I am so sorry you are gone and I never got to see you again.
    You are such a big part of my childhood memories as are your parents and brothers.
    Mary Soberg Amundson

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