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Robert Allison

November 14, 1946 - February 10, 2013


Robert chose to have his body donated to the University of North Dakota School of Medicine.


Boulger Funeral Home, Fargo.

Robert Allison

November 14, 1946 - February 10, 2013



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  1. Roger L. Sorenson says:

    Fargo ND
    Robert was a friend of mine for many years, through the Cornerstone Ministries. e was an active helper, doing a lot of custodial services. He was a friend to my wife and I, our daughter and grandchildren. He asked me to take care of his affairs and distribute his belongings, listing certain items to certain places and other he left up to me to decide where they would go. Robert was a rare person, very well read, intelligent in many areas and he will be missed.

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