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Steven Filkins

December 04, 1947 - October 22, 2020


Boulger Funeral Home

Steven Filkins

December 04, 1947 - October 22, 2020


Steven Filkins, 72, Fargo, N.D., died Thursday, Oct. 22, in his home.


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5 responses to “Steven Filkins”

  1. Randy Lucht says:

    My sincere condolences to Steve’s family and friends. Thank you for your service Steve. I’ll never forget our many trips in search of the elusive rare record.

  2. Rita Simonson says:

    I will sure miss Steve His love for music was addicting He taught me so much about music and his hometown where the beach boys were from So sorry Rita Simonson

  3. Mark Oyloe says:

    Steve was a fun guy who really knew his music. I always enjoyed the time I spent with him and am very sad to hear of his passing. RIP Steve.

  4. Tim & Elaine Gaslin says:

    We are so sorry to hear about Steve’s passing. We have known him for nearly two decades as a fellow music lover and friend. His passion for music was legendary and he is well known in the music collecting community for scrounging up many unique finds, as well as for his enthusiastic storytelling.

    Steve was also a Vietnam Vet, and we can’t thank him enough for his service to our country. Our condolences to his good friend Carrie, as well as his daughters, and other family and friends.

  5. Dana L Hellerud says:

    I did not know Steve passed away until I happened to be going through Boulger Funeral Homes website. I met Steve by going to the thrift stores and we would always chat I gave him the Fargo Rocks DVD and he’s sold me a bunch of Beatles and other 60s cassette tapes . Steve was a great guy I always enjoy talking to him about music. I also sat with him and his girlfriend at a for love of dogs auction he was such a nice man and they were a nice couple. Rest in peace my friend

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