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Tim Donaldson

October 26, 1975 - September 09, 2019

Celebration of Tim's Life - Friday

September 13, 2019
- 2:00 PM

Hope Lutheran Church - South Campus

Visitation - Friday

September 13, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:00 Pm

Hope Lutheran Church - South Campus


Boulger Funeral Home

Tim Donaldson

October 26, 1975 - September 09, 2019


Timothy James Donaldson, 43, of Fargo, ND, passed away on Sunday, September 8th, 2019.

Tim was born in Fargo, ND on October 26th, 1975. He married his high school sweetheart, Darlene, in August 1996 and recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. They have 2 daughters he adores, Emily (20) and Bryn (14). Tim’s greatest passion in his life was his wife and 2 daughters. When he wasn’t working, Tim spent every minute with his 3 girls. He enjoyed camping with his family, fishing, and pulling his girls behind his boat as he tubed around on the lake. He also enjoyed taking his wife on dates every chance he got.

Tim enjoyed making other people happy by helping others in any manner that was needed. He was always uplifting and brought smiles to those he was around. When he was at work, he made people laugh and feel important to him wherever he worked. He also enjoyed having his best friend and coworker, Jesse on Bluetooth in his ear the entire work day. Tim had a great passion for not only family, but also politics. He enjoyed debating hot issues every chance he got. His favorite hobby was lawn care. He was meticulous all summer with caring for his lawn. During the winter, he spent the entire season watching youtube videos to learn more about lawn care and gardening.


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5 responses to “Tim J. Donaldson”

  1. Fiona & Troy Brendemuhl says:

    Darlene and family,
    Troy and I are so sad to read of Tim’s passing. Your posts have been beautiful and heatfelt and show such a display of strength. Tim will be with you and your girls forever. May all of us have the opportunity to experience the kind of love you felt for each other.

    Our thoughts are with you as you grieve and find a way to go on. I think the entire class of ’94 is thinking of you during this time.

    Fiona & Troy

  2. Harry and Linda Bosch says:

    So sorry to hear of Tim’s passing! Our thoughts and prayers are with Darlene and his daughters.

  3. Kim Hass says:

    My heart is broken. I Worked at Cash Wise for many years until recently. Loved Tim. We always made sure we talked when he vsme I’m to fix problems I probably could have fixed. He always had a smile. He was honestly the hardest working man I knew. Could sure tell how much he loved his family. I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. Mark and Karla Dauzat says:

    Sorry for your loss. Tim was a classmate at GCCC and I enjoyed his friendship.He will be deeply missed.

  5. Stephanie Crandall says:

    Tim was such a great guy to come help us whenever we needed help at Walmart and Sam’s club. I’ve known Tim for years and he was always helpful and very pleasant whenever I seen him in and outside of work.

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