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Boulger Funeral Home Services

Since 1897, we’ve been a family owned business and funeral home, offering funeral services, funeral preplanning, memorials, cremation services and meeting the needs of you and your loved ones.

Traditional Funeral Services
From the very simple to the elaborate, Boulger Funeral Home works with you in order to meet your specific needs. With so many options from which to choose, you would benefit greatly by visiting the staff at the funeral home. This would allow the staff to help you determine what best meets your needs. Learn more about Traditional Funeral Services
Memorial Services
Memorial services can take place any time after the death, from a week to a year. A memorial service is a special ceremony for memorializing someone who has died, even after burial or cremation.Learn more about Memorial Services
Cremation Services
Extensive cremation services in Fargo, ND, Moorhead, MN and surrounding territories of the Red River Valley. There are many different options when selecting a service involving cremation. Cremation may follow a funeral service or occur before a memorial service. Families can decide whether to have a traditional funeral service prior to cremation or not. Learn more about Cremation Services
Immediate Burials
Immediate burial involves initial transfer of the deceased from place of death to the funeral home, transportation of the deceased to the cemetery, and basic services of the funeral director and staff.Learn more about Immediate Burials
Bequeathing Services
Human bodies are at times willed, bequeathed, deeded or donated to the medical schools in order to advance the science of medicine. Boulger Funeral Home can work with your family to handle such arrangements.Learn more about Bequeathing Services
Veteran Services
We have set up a unique program which is available to all veterans and their families to honor the sacrifices they have made during times of war and peace. We offer Traditional Funeral Service Veterans Packages and Cremation/Celebration of Life Cremation Packages as well. We offer these packages at a reduced cost to honor the sacrifices our area veterans and their spouses have made to our country. Learn more about Veteran Services
Death Away From Home
A death that occurs away from home can be a source of stress. By dealing with our funeral home as your first resource, our caring staff will take care of all of the necessary details in bringing your loved one home. Learn more about Death Away From Home
Grief Support Program
Experiencing the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things we face in life. Boulger Funeral Home is available to assist you through our grief support coordinators.
Learn more about our Grief Support Program
The process of making plans for your own funeral – or that of a loved one – well in advance of need is called Preplanning. Prearrangement means that you have taken the opportunity to both pre-plan and/or pre-fund. Our funeral directors are more than qualified to meet with you regarding pre-arrangements. Our staff is knowledgeable in both North Dakota and Minnesota Asset Limitations to assist you with any questions you may have.
Learn more about Prearranging