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Death Away From Home

When death occurs away from home (the Red River Valley), the loss of a loved one becomes more of a stress on the family. Along with the emotional and financial stress, a family must deal with the stress of bringing their loved one home, and may many times be faced with unnecessary charges in doing so. Please be assured that by first contacting our funeral home when a death occurs away from home, we will take care of all of the necessary arrangements involved in bringing your loved one home.

By dealing with our funeral home as your first resource, our caring staff will take care of all of the necessary details in bringing your loved one home. There will be no additional charge for the out of town funeral home’s services as long as our funeral home is allowed to choose and contact that funeral home in arranging for a traditional funeral service as listed on our general price list.

Our services include the following:

  • A call to a funeral home of our choice in the community in which the death occurred.
  • Out of town removal, care and preparation of the body
  • Placing of remains in a shipping container
  • Securing of documents for shipping

* This does not include airline or transportation fee

We offer a toll free number which is answered twenty-four hours so that we may save you costs ranging in the thousands of dollars, relieving both emotional and financial stress. Please contact us, visit our general pricing list, or fill out our contact form regarding any questions you may have regarding our policy.