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bella krajeck
Bella's Live Streamed funeral service can be viewed below:
For those in attendance, we invite you to share a memory or any thoughts you have about Bella on the notepads provided throughout the gathering space today. Annabella Violet Krajeck (Bella) was born on January 5, 2007 in Fargo, ND. Bella was a beautiful soul and had a smile to match. Gender neutral pronouns were important to Bella and therefore the family wishes to write about their life in a way Bella would deeply appreciate. They were comfortable mingling with people of all ages. They had a great sense of humor, a quick wit, and they were wonderfully sarcastic. Bella was a true advocate for anyone downtrodden or mistreated, including animals and all people regardless of background or ideology. To those who knew Bella they were a bright soul who tried to bring peace, love and acceptance. Bella loved animals, especially lizards and snakes. They rescued many frogs and salamanders from Gigi's and Gpa's window wells. Other interests included cosplay, anime, manga, family book club, graphic novels, learning about rock crystals, making spell jars and fairy gardens, painting and drawing, sewing, clothing design, writing, bead and jewelry making and all sorts of crafts, family cooking contests, nerf gun wars, and they recently learned how to drive Grandma and Grandpa Linderkamp's UTV. Bella's activities included band, plays, 4-H and their first job at Dairy Queen. A special thank you to Aidenn and the Bendel-Paulson family for adopting Bella's beloved lizards Lizardo daVinci, Croissant and Wooby Woo. Bella is survived by their loving parents Christan and Anthony Krajeck, maternal grandparents Rita and Elden Linderkamp, paternal grandparents Jane and Christopher Krajeck, uncle Bradley Linderkamp, and aunt Katie Krajeck. Bella is also survived by members of the Jensen family: Ryan, Summer, Ryder, Zoey, Lisa, Dan, Sasha and Abby. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations to local animal shelters, Cass County 4-H or any suicide prevention programs in Bella's honor. The family also asks you to help keep Bella's memory alive by choosing to spread love and acceptance. Bella's Video Tribute can be viewed below:

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  1. Dear Bella, it was so great to meet you. Thanks for coming over with your Grandma to visit with my grandgirls new in the area. So nice of you. I saw your amazing personality emerge and was impressed with your creativity. My grands talk of the fun you had together.
    I met you only once but knew you were someone I would remember forever. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know better, but imagine I’ll learn about you from your Grandma. She glowingly loves you. Ha. She even missed a Gramma-Get-Together to be with you!
    I wish you best on your new journey, Bella. You will always be in my mind and heart, as I hope I will be in yours.
    Until we meet again, sweet friend.

  2. Dearest Jane, Chris, Tony and Christan,
    There are not words for how our heart aches for you, just know you are loved.
    My granddaughter and I got to know Bella through grandmother Jane.
    Bella absolutely sparkled with bigheartedness, joyful creativity, intelligence and FUN. Bella’s personality drew people in, just to be near that magical light.
    A beautiful vital force must have recognized dear Bella’s delightful value too, in another plain of existence.
    Yet that amazing spirit that is Bella is here, still connected, still loving you all,
    while engaging in her next soul healing calling.

  3. Dear Bella, I met you through your grandma Rita in our community Center. Your sparkling eyes and beautiful smile lit up the whole hall, your energy and creativity are special. So until we meet again .

  4. Jane Krajeck and families, I was so sorry to see Bella’s name in the obituaries. Because of the last name, I continued to search out information. I cannot imagine the pain you are all feeling in losing someone so young. It is one thing to lose someone at 96 (my mom, recently) and quite another to lose someone of Bella’s age. It sounds as if she was such a beautiful person who kept your lives interesting and Fun. I hope your support for each other in your family will help you at this difficult time. Know there are friends who also are there to listen or help in any way needed. May your hearts be at peace knowing Bella now is also.

  5. Jane, Chris, Christan, and Tony. We came to love Bella from the first time we met her. She was a loving and caring person. Our hearts go out to you and we are keeping you in prayer.
    Fred and Barb Rask

  6. Jane and Kris
    We were very very sorry to hear about your beloved granddaughter. What a loss and heartbreak for you. Just know we have a Lord who is gracious and loving.
    May He now grant you and your whole family comfort and peace.
    Dennis and Lorrettax Mindt

  7. Bella – The gentle, kind, loving soul that would light up a room with that million dollar smile. The child who would loved reptiles and loved to tell me about them. The child that had to always remind me the names of these beloved pet lizards because I could only remember Lizardo’s name but never seemed to get frustrated with me for my lack of remembering. The child who always let me give a side hug and squeeze and would just blush and smile. The child who loved animals and cosplay and anime. The child who patiently tried to explain what that was and how it worked even though she knew deep down I would never fully understand because of my “old age” but would humor me anyway. The child who has given me these memories and so many, many more. The child who could draw people in with that infectious smile and make everyone love her. The child who has forever left a lasting impression on my heart and will never be forgotten. The child that I loved dearly and always will. The child who made the world a better place by just being in it.
    Christan and Tony, Bella has one of the most amazing families I’ve come to know. Thank you for sharing this beautiful soul with me over the years. For that, I am forever grateful. May you all feel the love and support all around you not only at this moment but forever. This child of yours I will forever cherish.

  8. Dearest Cousin Jane and Chris and family,
    Hearing of the loss of your grandchild has hit our hearts hard. We never had the opportunity to meet your Bella, but know how special she must have been and how lucky to have had you as loving grandparents.
    Our love and very deepest sympathies,
    Sandy and Kim Davis

  9. Jane and Chris,
    Sending love, hugs, and my deepest condolences on the loss of your granddaughter, Bella. She sounds like a remarkable person and Barb told me how close she was to you. My heart breaks for you.
    Find comfort in knowing that you have friends and family who love you and will support you.
    Pam and Jeff

  10. Tony, Christian, Chris and Jane.
    So, so sorry for your loss.
    Thoughts and prayers for strength in this
    tough time. God bless. 🙏

  11. Dear Bella’s Family
    I work for WFHS as a Paraprofessional. I had the pleasure of meeting Bella on the first day of school while in line for photos. The wait was long so we chatted a bit and she had great fun visiting with friends. When it was her turn for the pictures she removed the mask. I was so drawn to Bella’s beautiful smile that I was compelled to tell her how pretty she was! Bella’s radiant smile came from deep within and so moved my own soul. I am so saddened to learn of this tragic loss, especially to family and friends. May you find solace in memories. May God grant strength and peace to you. Sincerely, Carolyn Erb

  12. Tony and Christan, Chris and Jane –

    We truly do not know how to express our thoughts on your dreadful loss, but you can trust that our hearts are with you in your time of grieving. We hope you will find some comfort in the thought that Bella will always be a ray of sunshine in your lives. May your wonderful memories of Bella help lead you through the days and years to come.

    With love and hugs,
    Steve and Pamela

  13. Our Dearest Bella! This is Rob and Linda. Your daycare providers. Our hearts our shattered on the news of your passing. We watched you and helped take care of you from 10 months old to 10 years old. Oh Bella ! You had a beautiful smile that was so contagious and the most beautiful blue eyes that had such a “twinkle” that could light up the sky like the 4th of July. We loved you then and love you still! Rest easy Sweetie! Forever in our hearts. Love the Fuka family.

  14. Thinking of you and jensen family during the difficult I was honored to meet miss Bella a few times and her smile and spunky attitude will always be remembered spread your wings and fly beautiful

  15. Dear Tony, Christan, Jane, Chris and Katie,
    When I met Bella she was singing a song while we decorated candles in the hotel for the wedding – one of her many talents. I will always be able to hear her singing. My thoughts now with Christan and Tony, generous, talented – Bella’s beautiful parents. We are a large family, our muscle holding you tight, coast to coast thinking of you.

  16. Thank you for live streaming this memorial service. We live over 1600 miles away and could not make the trip. Thoughts and prayers for all who knew and loved Bella.

  17. There is yet to be a word created to adequately describe the loss of a child. The enormity of such loss cannot be measured and my heart is shattered for you and your family. Though we have been neighbors only couple years I do have a distinct memory of Bella…I was sitting in my office with an open window, feeling overwhelmed with the day’s workload and I heard the loudest most jovial belly laugh. It made me chuckle myself and I went to the window to see who it was. It was Bella home from school, walking the dog (I assumed) and the dog must have pulled the leash or tripped Bella because they were a tangled mess laying in the front yard, and she was just a fit of laughter as the dog licked at her face. I think of that moment now after hearing the testaments of her friends and family; and imagine her surrounded with all God creatures rolling around in that same fit of laughter. She was without a doubt an incredible kid that impacted many lives. Hold onto those memories and testaments as you navigate this new journey….

    We will continue to lift you up in our prayers <3
    Your Neighbors The Roberts

  18. Just in the short time I had when meeting Bella, I could tell they were special. Their smile and laughter we’ll be remembered forever. They taught me a card game. We played & laughed for hours. May they find the peace & happiness there that eluded them here. Mike Pfeiffer (Patty’s husband).

  19. My thoughts are with your family. My child is in the same grade/school as Bella, and although we didn’t know them, I was compelled to offer comfort on your loss. I hope their next journey is one of peace, and yours will be of gratitude for giving the world such a precious gift for the short time they were here.

  20. I am at a loss, it is hard to see your friends go through such a traumatic experience. I remember going to Christan’s apartment years ago to watch movies with her, Bella, and Tony. Bella had such a spunky little attitude. You probably didn’t realize it, but those evenings were very important to me. I was going through depression at that time and just hanging out with friends and little Bella was all i needed to stay upbeat and out of harms way. My point in saying this is that if someone is wondering if ” there was anything they could have done” to prevent this tragedy, you probably already did and just didn’t know it. No one will know of every time a simple word or gesture, or simply time spent together was helpful and encouraging in many ways, but those times that can go unnoticed often have a positive effect on others. I have not been close to Bella, Tony and Christan recently, but i still can emotionally understand the kind words that were spoken at the funeral because i felt the positivity i gained coming from this family and how they helped me.

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