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Dolores Jo Porter, 92, was born on August 16th, 1929, in Ray, North Dakota, the second daughter of her parents, Bruno Herman Weyrauch and Dorothy Fern Sayles Weyrauch. She passed away February 7th, 2022 in Fargo, North Dakota. Mom grew up on a family farm as one of eight children and an extended family of many many cousins. Growing up as one of two girls with so many brothers gives you a toughness that stays with you for the rest of your life. Toughness and tenderness were the two main ingredients that made Mom. She always insisted, however, that she was on the wrong path until a certain stranger by the name of Chet Porter entered her life. Chester Earl Porter (Chet) and Dolores Jo Weyrauch eloped and were married on April 5th, 1948 and began their married life in Langdon, North Dakota where Dad worked as manager for the local Farmers Union Oil Company. In the spring of 1949 they moved to Ray, North Dakota. Like so many newlyweds their first years were in a constant state of flux but they were a team of two taking on and conquering whatever came their way. Dad tried his hand at many things that included working in the oil fields, farming, operating the trailer court in Ray as well as the Tastee Freeze. In 1957 Dad found a job as a bookkeeper, a skill that was taught to him by Uncle Sam when he served in World War II, that would take him to his retirement 24 years later at Northwest Communications Co-Op. As Dad worked his way through a myriad of jobs, Mom was doing her part as well, working for both the grocery stores in town and even working in the insurance business for a spell, all the while raising three kids and maintaining a beautiful home that she took so much pride in. Family! Family and friends were always the most important thing to Mom. A house full of visiting friends or relatives was when Mom shined her brightest and the most common sound coming from our house was laughter, and lots of it. Mom had such a great sense of humor and was very quick to smile and laugh. She used to say that she felt sorry for people who didn’t have a sense humor because they were missing out on so much of life’s joy. Chester died in October of 1993. Dolores’s four brothers, Art, Derald, Sonny and Phillip and her sister Dorothy, preceded her in death. She is survived by her three children, Susan Mollet of Fargo North Dakota, Sandie Amundson of Mesa, Arizona (spouse Roger) Kelly Porter of Broomfield, Colorado (spouse Kim). Dolores is also survived by eight grandchildren: Shawn Mollet (spouse Tammy), Julie Mollet Hanenberg, Shayne Mollet (spouse Shannon), Deanne Mollet Whitney (spouse Kevin), Toni Amundson Stenvold, Ben Amundson, Mackenzie Porter, and Jacob Porter. Seven great grandchildren: Darryk Hanenberg, Justin Hanenberg, Haley Mollet, Kaitlyn Mollet Iverson (spouse Jaden), Paige Mollet, Joseph Mollet, and Olivia Mollet, and one great great grandchild: Julia Dolores Hanenberg. Not everyone had a Mom like ours or a loving home like ours, but we did and it made all the difference in our lives. We were so lucky. Thanks Mom. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to St. Judes's: https://www.stjude.org/donate/donate-to-st-jude.html

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  1. Mere words cannot describe the person that Dolores Porter was. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have had the honor of having her in my life for so many years and in so many ways – for that I am forever grateful♥️ Every day I look at the angel figurine she gave me I will think of her among the angels in heaven and say “I love you Dolores”♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼

  2. Deloris was a wonderful friend to me. If she needed to move furniture in her house she would call me because she said we were so much alike. I and two other friends would make the trek to Fargo to spend weekends when we could. Deloris was a remarkable woman I was blessed to have in my life. RIP.

  3. We are saddened to hear of the passing of Dolores. We came to know her through our Mom, Ethel Perlenfein, when they both lived in the Boardwalk building. We had fun visits and enjoyed hearing of the stories of the
    ladies, Ethel, Dolores, Mardell, and Edna. They were fierce competitors when playing their card games. Our sympathies go out to you, and may your memories comfort you. Rest in peace, Dolores.

  4. To say Delores was a ‘great lady’ was simply not enough. She always had a smile 😃 on her face and a joke to share, even when you knew she wasn’t feeling her best. Jodi and I looked forward to her salon visits (she took turns between Jodi and I as her hair stylist). She often said she looked shaggy enough that maybe she should have gone to the ‘Poochie Parlor’ 😄 instead of the hair salon. I feel blessed to have known her and will be greatly missed. ♡🙏♡
    Love, Tanya

  5. We met Delores thru her daughter, Sandie. The short time we knew her we could see she was an amazing woman. You all were lucky to have her in your life for so long. Sympathy to the family.

  6. I visited with your Mom at the apartment in Fargo and enjoyed her very much. I admired her puzzle work too.
    We would meet in the parking lot after Mass on Sundays and have a good conversation. She was a beautiful person and friend and I send my prayerful condolences to the family.

  7. Dolores was one of the kindest and funniest people my wife Susie and I have ever met. We were privileged to have met her through her son Kelly and later met her daughters Susan and Sandie, as well as her grandkids Toni and Ben. Each of them are blessed with Dolores’ keen wit and warmth and we immediately understood why. We never felt guilty about horning in on their family time in Colorado, Minnesota or North Dakota. She truly treated us like part of her family every time we were in her presence and we so appreciated it. One of our favorite trips was to a blues festival in Fargo with Kelly, and getting to spend time in Dolores’s home for which she was so appropriately proud of.

    Dolores’s distinctive voice and mannerisms allow us to quickly conjure her up in our memories and we are grateful for that. We will miss her like so many others here…but we feel so fortunate to have known her as she truly made our lives better and made us aspire to live graciously and humorously throughout our lives.

    Steve and Susie Weiss

  8. I met Dolores at cards and even tho I have not known Dolores very long just felt had known her all my life. She made all feel special. Such a pretty and friendly lady. My love and prayers and cherish the memories.

  9. Delores was a class act. Can only say good things about Delores. And to think I still display her Statue of Mary. I believe her and Chet bought it for their 25th wedding anniversary. Wow! Much love to the entire family. Patty Weyrauch

  10. Delores was a one of a kind lady! Gentle but to the point, wise but caring, and happy with life, family and friends. What a loss for all of you. She was a special friend to my mother and our family. I had her on my mind to call her just before I heard the news. She always made it a point to call me right after Christmas and it was always enjoyable. What a special angel she has always been! Heaven will shine brighter with her presence. My sympathies are with your family

  11. Delores was always so much fun to be around! She touched so many lives with her caring and love. Condolences to you all along with my Mom (Aurita)

  12. Delores was one of the first people to welcome me into the church and her home when I moved to North Dakota. She was a beautiful lady.

  13. Susan Sandy Kelly and families so sorry for your Moms loss your mom was a beautiful lady will never forget her smile she always had when she seen you she would always visit with you I remember when she was golfing on fun days at golf course she would come in with that big smile on her face and always say hi Teresa how you doing and ask about Wayne I have lots of memories of your mom she will be missed RIP Delores

  14. She was a very special lady. Always admired her and was so glad I got to see her in November. Love and hugs to the family 🙏♥️🙏

  15. Susan, Sandie, Kelly and families, You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Your mom had a long, beautiful life, and she enjoyed every minute of it. She loved teenagers, and didn’t mind any and all of us hanging around your house. I was just thrilled to see her at the North Dakota Reunions in Arizona. They kept her young. She loved you guys with all her heart!! She would want each one of you to smile, laugh, and enjoy life to the fullest like she did. You will be missed Delores but I am so happy that you and Chet are together again!! I can only imagine the long line of those waiting to give you a hug as you arrived at Heaven’s door. Delores, God Be With You Till We Meet Again.

  16. My Great Aunt Delores was so much more than that to me and my brothers. We called her Grandma, not out of disrespect to our actual Grandmother but she smothered us with love, smiles, kisses and laughter. When others saw the Wheeler brothers as a chaotic bunch (without a doubt we were) Delores would be right there to correct our behavior but always there to lift us up. She never judged, she never looked down at us and we were her boys as far as we were concerned. There are not enough words to express how much I love Delores, her importance in our lives and just how unique of a person she is. She saved my life when I would not listen to others who were concerned about my health. Because of one call from Aunt Delores and her asking me to do her a favor to go get checked. I am still here, enjoying my family and to type this out. I will miss our secret conversations but I get to always keep those for me. The loss I see is for those that never were able to experience her smile, her laughter, how she lit up the room and the little twinkle in her eye when we would talk about being full of mischief. Love you all, sensing my hugs and I’ll see you this summer. Clark

  17. My first memory of Delores is that of a young girl laughing and playing with me at Weyrauch farm house near Ray. She was my Auntie Yi. From that time until today, some 80 years later, she has been a big part of my life. We were both part of a large family that regularly gathered for meals and celebrations so I watched as she became a woman, married her beloved Chet and raised a family. All the while, her love was felt every time I would see her.
    After I left Ray and started my own family, she immediately welcomed Margaret into the family and made her feel safe in the new surroundings of the loud, boisterous Weyrauch gatherings. Her house in Ray was always the gathering spot for family get-togethers, celebrations, funerals, etc. Crying over our losses, laughing over great memories, or just hanging out. It was the place.
    Our four boys, “the Wheeler Boys” as she called them, were so moved by her that they thought for years she was their Grama even though they called her Aunt Delores. She delighted in that. Her love for them never stopped. She said they were a wild bunch but great fun to watch grow.
    We can say she literally saved two of our sons. In both cases, they were neglecting their health and, despite advice from their mother, were in trouble. Delores was loving but she could also be direct and firm. At one family gathering, she told one that he had all the signs of a diabetic and made him promise to get checked by a doctor. He did and was told he needed to immediately begin therapy. He did and is living a happy and healthy life. When we asked why he responded to Delores but wouldn’t listen to his mother, he said “How do you tell Aunt Delores no?” A few years ago, we were at a family reunion in North Dakota when another son arrived, looking very ill. Again, he had ignored his mother’s advice to seek help. Aunt Delores pulled him aside and told him she would not let him leave unless he promised to see a doctor as soon as he got home. He agreed and saw a doctor immediately. The verdict-cancer. This led to a two year battle during which she called him every week to check on him. She never let up. His cancer is now inactive. When I asked him why he had decided to go to a doctor, he said ‘How do you tell Aunt Delores no?”
    Throughout our marriage, Margaret and I could look forward to phone calls from Delores to see how we were doing. They were always fun and uplifting. Whenever and wherever we met, we always knew it would be a treat.
    How lucky we were to have been loved so much for so long.
    Her faith was steadfast and never wavered. We are sure this helped her right through the end and she is busy meeting old friends (and making new ones) in heaven.
    Jon & Margaret Wheeler

  18. Dolores was my great aunt through my dad Jon Wheeler, 1st son of Dorothy (Weyrauch) Wheeler. In my young years we lived in Glasgow, MT, we saw her often at family events but as distances got greater (we gradually kept moving west), those moments became spread out, so I didn’t see her much. But when I did finally see her, it was always a cherished moment.

    She was simply one of the most awesome people I have ever known. Always warm, loving, welcoming, and generous. Quick to laugh, lots and lots of loving hugs, and always curious to learn what we’ve been up to (my brothers and I were always up to something). All of this reflected in her family Chet, Susan, Sandy, and Kelly. Passionate, fun, funny, very quick witted, jokes ready to go, and a love for life and each other. That positive energy just permeated through the room. You wanted a taste of it. And when you got that little taste, it would make you feel good for a very long time.

    She never once was mad at me, ever. And trust me, my brothers and I would push the limits. When she wrapped you in her arms, kissed you, talked to you, you’d just melt, resistance was futile. My wife got some moments and my kids got moments, enough to fall in love with her (it didn’t take much).

    I love you Aunt Dolores, always have, always will! My wife Lynn, my kids Caitlin and Austin love you!

  19. To Sandy & Roger & family
    Susa & family
    Kelly & Kim & Family
    I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine that your mom is having the time of her life and she is with Chet and celebrating her new life. Loved your mom.

  20. Aunt Delores was Grandma to me since I can remember. The first vivid memory of calling her this esteemed title was on a family trip to Ray. My brothers and I slept in the car from Glasgow to Ray during the night. It was around 10:30pm, according the wonderful novelty cat clock (Loved watching the clock when I was young.) Half-awake I saw her standing in the kitchen talking with someone. I ran up and hugged her legs, yelling, “GRANDMA”. There was another woman in the room sitting at the dining table looking like grandma. This woman had a shocked look on her face. This woman was her sister, Dorothy, my paternal grandmother. I don’t think Dorothy ever forgave me that because Delores had the brightest smile on her that I can remember.

    I’ll miss her weekly phone calls too. No matter how short the phone was, it made y day a little brighter.

    To my Porter descended cousins, consider the time you had with her a real blessing. I wish I could have more than I did.

  21. Dolores was one of my second mothers growing up in Ray and I will always remember her wonderful laugh and her easy going manner. Don’t get me wrong, the Mom would come out if you weren’t being quite as well behaved as she thought you should be. I cannot count the numbers of lunches or suppers I spent at the table with Susan, Sandie, Kelly, Chet and Dolores and feeling like just a part of the family. I have many fond memories of those times and the lessons learned. Thank You Dolores!

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