Lidia Tudor

lidia tudor

Lidia’s service will be livestreamed at 2 pm, September 14, 2022

Lidia Tudor, age 91, of Edina, Minnesota passed away peacefully in her sleep in the early morning of September 8th, 2022 at Heritage of Edina Assisted Living.

Lidia was born on July 6th, 1931 in Bucharest, Romania. She married Calin Tudor on October 23rd, 1971.

Lidia and Calin lived in Fargo, ND with their two children and attended Salem Evangelical Free Church and Bethel Evangelical Free Church in Fargo.

Lidia was a French teacher at the Montessori School in Fargo, where she loved singing, reading, playing and teaching young kids the joy of learning a foreign language through play and hands-on activities. In her free time, Lidia enjoyed knitting, visiting with relatives, going to church, listening to music and swimming.

Lidia is survived by her daughter Ileana (Troy) Tudor, her son Narcis (Becca) Tudor, her grandchildren Isabella Bryan, Max Bryan, Justus Tudor, Seven Tudor, Mitchell Evenson, Lauren Evenson, Kennedi Evenson, her sisters Lucia Nedelcu and Rodica Maianu, and her brother Radu Carcoana, and many nieces and newphes. She is preceded in death by her husband Calin, parents, her sisters Cornelia Dragan and Dorina Popescu, her brother Aurel Carcoana and her niece Despina Dickinson.

Lidia’s memorial service will take place at Boulgers Funeral Home in Fargo on Wednesday, September 14th at 2:00 PM. Visitation at 1:00 PM at Boulger’s Funeral Home. Interment at Sunset Memorial Gardens following the service.

The family would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the nurses and staff at Heritage of Edina for their loving and devoted care of our mother throughout her last years.


Visitation: September 14, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Boulger Funeral Home and Celebration of Life Center
123 10th Street
Fargo, North Dakota 58103


Funeral: September 14, 2022 2:00 pm

Boulger Funeral Home and Celebration of Life Center
123 10th Street
Fargo, North Dakota 58103


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  1. Our sincere condolences to our cousin Ileana & family, to our cousin Narcis & family, to our uncle Radu Carcoana & family, to our aunt Rodica Maianu & family, to our aunt Lucia Nedelcu & family and to the rest of our extended family and friends who knew Lidia.
    Our aunt Lidia was a very kind, loving and delightful person, she will live forever in our memories and in the memories of our children who she helped and watched growing. She always brought a special joy to our family gatherings.
    May she rest in peace with the Lord, in the light of His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Larry, Luiza, Sebastian and Victor Carcoana, Fargo, ND

  2. Miss Lydia was our son’s French teacher at his Montessori School back back around 2000. I have thought of her enthusiasm and patience in working with the children from time to time and recall her elegance. Godspeed, Miss Lydia.

  3. Sending my deepest condolences especially to Lidia’s children and grandchildren- Ileana and Troy, Isabella and Max and Narcis & Becca, Justus and Seven. Lidia was my dear aunt, almost like a second mom to me. My mom and her were bestest of friends and shared so much from a room growing up, to unending conversations and laughter. I knew that when Mom was with Lidia, Mom was happy, period! Lidia was consistently so warm, loving, nurturing, tender, pragmatic, talented and could make me laugh in a matter of seconds with her wit and humor. I was so inspired by her tenacity, no matter what life threw at her, she was always optimistic and concerned about me and how I am doing. When I’d visit her in her later years, her caretakers would often share how much they enjoyed her, her smile, her humor, her kindness. Her faith was unwavering, and when I’d remind her that God is with her and loves her, she’d smile and say, “Of course!” with a big smile as if saying “you think I don’t know!?”. Even when she was most frail, she never hesitated to give her greatest gift- her smile wrapped up in a tender loving embrace- and in doing so confirmed again that love is greater than any limit. I love you Lidia, and you’ll always live on in my memory, in my spirit and in the next generations!

  4. Ten years older that me – my sister Lidia was one of a kind woman: an extrovert, captivating story teller, funny, kind, forgiving, modest (maybe too much so), a sister and friend like no other.
    Almost every time I visited her at the assisted living, there was someone there who asked if we were twins. Being so much younger I felt somewhat offended and was quick to mention that there is a ten years difference between us. Hoping to hear a correction to that assessment, I always asked who looks younger, but without exception the person would say that she is the younger one! So, besides all the other qualities she was also very good looking usually dressed elegantly with a tint of red!
    If she would walk for two blocks to the grocery store, most of the times she would come back with a surprising story of randomly meeting someone and the conversation they had that we all would listen amazed of how those things happened only to her.
    She was a woman of faith that she shared freely and so naturally that I was often tempted to take notes.
    Lidia was a gifted encourager. It was like the second nature to her. So many people were blessed by her kind and uplifting words full of hope in God’s grace. She shared freely and so naturally her faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. During every visit I made to her until the last weeks of her life I always asked her if she still loved Jesus and if Jesus still loved her. I was asking this not because I didn’t know her answer but because I did and loved to hear it again. Lately she seemed fast asleep very hard to wake her up but I would bend over, close to her face and ear and ask her these words. With her eyes still closed she would say a prompt and short “DA!” [YES!]
    I miss you Lidia but I will see you soon!
    Rodica with LOVE

  5. My sincerest sympathies to Illeana and Narcis and their families and extended families. . May God comfort you as you grieve, not as those without hope however (I Thes. 4:13). Praise be to God.

  6. I would like to offer my deepest sympathies to Lidia‘s family. I was the maintenance man at Lidia and Calin’s apartment community in Fargo North Dakota.
    I was blessed to know them both. I was blessed to call them my friends. I spent many many hours visiting with Lidia. She was the most amazing person I have ever known. Beautiful, brilliant, kind, thoughtful, faithful, funny and amazing are just a few words I would use to describe Lidia. I have so many stories that I would love to share. When I was asked by the office to stop by Lidia’s apartment because she had something that needed repair I knew I was in for a visit like no other. I loved listening to Lydia‘s stories from when she was a child growing up in her country. She always told me that Americans do not have any idea how lucky they truly are to live in America. Lidia told me many stories about the difficulties in her country with religious freedoms which we to easily take for granted here in America. Lidia changed my life with her religious thoughts. Jesus blessed us with an amazing lady whom He now has called home to His Kingdom. Lidia I was truly blessed to have known you. You can rest now in the arms of our Father in Heaven! You always told me you were ready whenever He wanted you to come be with Him. I am sad for losing you although because of what you’ve taught me I am excited for you to be with Him. May God bless you Lidia my friend, may God bless Calin. May God watch over your entire family during this time of loss.
    Heaven has gained an Angel like no other.
    Chris Zietz

  7. I was one of Miss Lidia’s first students in French class at the Academy for Children in the late 1980s. This picture captures her smile exactly as I remember it! Because of her, all the girls in the Elementary class started knitting during story time. She was an amazing person and so important to the Academy in it’s early years. My deepest sympathies to Ileana, Narcis and all her family.

  8. Miss Lidia was my French teacher way back in the 1980s at the Academy for Children. I love the picture above! It’s exactly how I remember her with her smiling face and kind eyes. I remember singing songs and learning French with her in the little room in the corner of the school. I remember that we always rushed to give her hugs at the end and say “je t’aime Madame Lidia!” she helped out in the office and came to my high school graduation. Her daughter Ileana was our favorite babysitter. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ileana, with your family, and all whose lives were touched by your mom. Eternal rest grant unto Miss Lidia, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. 🙏🏼❤️

  9. Lidia and I worked together for many years at the Academy for Children. With her willingness to pitch in and her caring nature she wore many hats……greeting parents at 7am, working in the office, typing the newsletter etc. , filling in for staff when needed and at times saying Goodbye and closing the door at 6pm
    Lidia’s real love , her passion, was learning languages. I knew she could speak four but it could have been more.
    With her suggestion, the Academy for Children introduced French into our program. Using her homemade materials and songs Lidia created a love for languages in our children from ages 2–10.
    I will always treasure our friendship we developed. From years working together to the many hours we spent talking about her children, she was so proud of them, her family, life in Romania and politics.
    It is with love, affection and admiration,
    I will always remember you, My Dear Lidia.

  10. Although I never met Lidia myself, I did come to know her through her niece Carmen and through her sister Rodica. I came to learn about how Lidoa brought them great joy throughout their lives and about how she would always tell stories, has she had so many life experiences, faced so many challenges and yet still found a way to love people where they were at especially her sister Rodica And her beautiful niece Carmen. Lidia was a woman who lived a full life and gave all of her love to those around her, she inspired many and left no stone unturned. She lived a life of purpose and was a godsend to many. May her love, and God‘s love through her live in the hearts Of those who had the privilege to know her.

  11. Deepest condolences to Lidia’s family on the passing of your beloved Mother and grandmother. Your wonderful memories of your Mother and grandmother will be a great comfort. She was dearly loved as evident by the lovely video where she is surrounded by those who obviously cared so much for her.
    I met Lidia over 30 years ago as a fellow colleague/teacher in the Academy for Children. Her gift and love of the linguistics was passed onto many a child when there…. where she greeted them with her infectious smile followed by “Bonjour”. Her love for music and enthusiasm was equally shared. I do recall her trying to teach me a Romanian song while I shared a few Irish tunes with her. She was proud of her heritage and shared sone interesting antidotes, the one about the eggs during hard times.
    I had actually visited Fargo this summer and only regret I didn’t visit her if I’d known she still lived there.
    Sending kind thoughts and prayers from an old friend and work colleague from Dublin, Ireland.
    Ann Purtill-Kalk ( aka Miss Ann) & Family
    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h’anam

  12. Lidia was my favorite aunt since I can remember. What drew me to her was how she would give me a child the time of day (m-a bagat in seama) and felt like she really cared about me in a genuine way. She was classy, elegant, intelligent, , full of life and good will, full of joy that I could sense in her smile and laugh. She was so much fun. In a world (during my childhood days in Romania) that didn’t know how to smile, she was a breath of fresh air. Two women who “taught ” me how to smile & the importance of smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, or when your heart is broken, were Princess Di & Lidia. I remember when I started putting my hair in a bun like Lidia bc I loved how young & classy she looked. Except I was too young for buns. Nevertheless, I felt “pretty” bc it reminded me of Lidia. Lidia had a heart of gold, an indomitable will and a resilient spirit to rise above all hardships in her life and to thrive through it all. Lidia had a great sense of humor. Through her inside jokes and funny stories, she could infuse a dose of encouragement unlike anyone else could. She was sharp as a tack, with a general sense of current events, dynamic, tonic, and confident. She was not one to hold a grudge, and spoke about forgiving others and was the first one to reengage and take the initiative to speak when feelings were hurt for whatever reason. I saw parts of myself in her or is it parts of her in me? I loved foreign languages and I remember she and Rodica ( her sister) learned French and English by themselves using a book called “Learn English/French without a professor” ( two separate books) that we got into the possession of after Rodica immigrated to the US. Lidia was a self-taught and was an expert and exquisite knitter. She made it look so easy. She would knit a blouse or a skirt in a matter of hours or maybe a couple of days. She could knit as fast as she could talk. She was a great story teller. I was mesmerized by her and she could relay a story with so much detail and facial expressions and then get to the point (which she called the “bomb”) all within a few minutes during which time I not only had a visual, but I felt transported into the story. Lidia had such a sense of personal style that she turned heads on the boulevard. One time a lady stopped her to admire her outfit. She had knitted a two-piece (dopies in Romanian from a French term) from 100% mercerized cotton thread (very very fine) and looked very dainty. It looked like it was made of silk. That lady was dumbfounded that this was made by hand and not using a machine…and not only that but that HER own hands created this masterpiece. She definitely had a unique eye for aesthetics and had refined tastes in everything. Lidia was her own person. She was herself and she felt confident in who she was as a person. I loved her confidence. She had confidence in her talents, one of them being she was a great imitator. Ever the keen observer, she would be so on point when she tried to tell a story with all the gesturing and toning and voicing and facial expressions that you could not NOT laugh. She was something else. I loved to see her laugh and she would diffuse any sadness away. Lidia wrote me cards which I kept and always will keep. She encouraged me to go to the university. She encouraged me to trust the Lord and be in His Word. Above all, what I was amazed by was Lidia’s genuine faith and faithfulness. She didn’t have an easy life, but she loved God and she chose to trust Jesus every day of her life. She would share with me how she talks with Him as if He’s right next to her and familiar with her heart and thoughts and life. I know Lidia adored her children and did everything she could to give them a great life. But I also know she loved her siblings and her nieces & nephews…and especially me. I love you, Lidia and I’m sorry I could not make it to your Celebration of Life service. You are always in my heart. I imagined that when the Lord called you HOME on that early morning 🌄, you heard His voice, took His hand and followed Him into a GLORIOUS & EVERLASTING MORNING. John 10:27 ” My sheep hear My voice, and I know them and the follow Me.I give them eternal life.” I will cherish your memory and I will see you again.♥️

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