In Memory Of Reed Satrom

  1. We all, and I am very saddened to learn of Reed.

    Immediately as the news was shared, my thoughts were of Dorothy and family. First meeting Reed in August of 1992, Dorothy and I came from different schools to teach at the Detroit Lakes Junior High of that year. She was the new Choir Director; I the new Band Director. We were both experienced teachers by then, and the music offices were/are joined by a short hallway where we wore down the carpet between them. One of the very first days there, while we were preparing for school, in walked to my office from that connecting hallway, this diplomatic looking fellow dressed to the hilt. It was Reed, and he came in to introduce himself as Dorothy’s husband. Out comes this big hand, an engaging handshake, and a genuine smile. We visited at length, and there was no awkwardness of a first meeting at all; he was genuine, warm, sincere, and of conviction. We became easily acquainted within minutes, conversation flowing from one subject to another seamlessly. That was Reed; he always had and made time to visit to many, and more importantly made everyone feel important and at ease… me included, every time. That was the first of lots of visits in those adjoining offices over a couple of decades time. We discussed pretty much everything that could be talked about, personally, socially, and professionally. Reed had many stories; I enjoyed learning of their family and of Dorothy from Reed’s perspective, and of his own interests, experiences, and hobbies. It was clear then, and always, Reed was very, very proud of his family, and especially of Dorothy as a teacher, musician, and as his wife. Reed had an engaging personality and a great sense of humor. Conversation always flowed easily, and I will cherish the memories and laughs. It is difficult to lose anyone, especially a good friend, husband, and grandparent to whom much, he offered.

    We wish Reed’s family many cherished memories and hope you take delight in the photographs and memorabilia that connects you. He will be missed.